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Oury Jalloh, das war Mord. Sa. 07th.Jan.2017

Oury Jalloh, das war Mord. Sa. 07th.Jan.2017

It is that time of the year again. When we stand in remembrance of the awful events that took place on January 7th 2005. Last week in Paris, two white men were prosecuted for forcing a black man off a train on the Metro because of his race. These men were held accountable for their actions and the victim was compensated.

Oury Jalloh was not forced off a train, he was burnt alive, yet the Police Officers who did this were not held accountable and his family was never compensated.
We shall never stop demanding justice for our murdered brother, and we shall keep returning to Dessau each year on the anniversary of his death to voice the atrocity of this barbaric crime against humanity that was committed at the hands of government Civil Servants, the German Police.

We shall groom the younger ones to keep this candle burning against the strong heavy winds of brutality and against all odds. Because Oury Jalloh shall never see his son grow, he shall not contribute to his son´s wellbeing and in the way he would have wanted him turn into a young man.

Oury Jalloh shall never stand against the injustices imposed on him. He can never tell the world which one of the officers lit that lighter on that fateful day of 7th January 2005, because he was silenced. But the more they silence us, the louder we shall become. They shall continue to silence us but we shall never finish.
We are here to remind them, that when we stand here in Dessau for Oury Jalloh, we stand not only against all atrocities inflicted upon the black population, but we stand against the violations that are inflicted on all minorities in the German system. We shall never waver, we shall keep the voice loud until justice is served truthfully, rightfully and fairly to all.

Let the symbol of the lighter represent the many deaths that are undocumented here in Germany. Let Oury Jalloh´s murderous events in cell number five be the symbol of the African struggles in the neo colonial atrocities against the black man. Oury Jalloh, das war Mord.

From your comrades in Oldenburg in Niedersachsen.
Regina Mauricia Kiwanuka