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African Refugees Fight Back in Bavaria: Organized Demonstration in Munich by Sierra-Leone Refugee Community in Germany

Update Info in German and English below: African Refugees Fight Back in Munich: Organized by Sierra-Leone Refugee in Bavaria Germany

Support needed! Who is coming to Munich?
We Need Donation!!
Information on Finance and on Mobilization will be updated for publishing as the protest continue.
On Sierra-Leone Refugee Bavaria-wide protest and demonstration with Conference and Cultural event which will be taking place in Munich on 19.08.2017

Demonstration 19th August 2017, 13h in Munich: „Stop deportations! Abolish the Dublin system! Freedom of movement for all!“ (

Donation is critically needed in our challenges to change the status quo!!

Are refugees really welcome in Germany and in Europe? Deaths in the Mediterrenian sea and at the borders of Europe, the isolation and deportation policies against refugees are proving the opposite. So: It is our urgent duty and responsibility in our common interest to share experiences with the refugee communities - "Only if the refugees can empower the unity of the oppressed refugee community struggles they can contribute to developing a stronger resistance against the colonial migration policies of injustice and to send a global signal of resistance and solidarity worldwide."."

Let's use our freedom to fight against the injustice and against deportation of refugees in Germany and Europe...

We like to express our gratitude and appreciations to every person and to all political networks, the Caravan network in Wuppertal and Hamburg and the Break Isolation Network in Thueringen who have supported and contributed immensely to the continuity of our political struggles for the political autonomy of the Refugee-Migrants Political Movement initiated by The VOICE Refugee Forum 2016 Germany.

The Sierra-Leoneans Refugee Community with members of the Sierra-Leoneans Association in Germany met with the activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum Community Network in June 2017 in Jena to lauch the demonstration against Deportation and the Dublin policies on the 19th August 2017 in Munich as part of the events of the Refugee-Migrants Community Network in Germany.

The organising group, the Sierra Leonian Refugee Community, and other participating refugee communities from other nationalitities, including non-Africans, and from other parts of Bavaria and Germany (Northrhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, Thueringen, Berlin and other states) have no financial means. Therefore donation is urgently needed for Bavarian-wide and for nationwide mobilization and for the participation to support the refugee communities struggles in Germany. A contribution to have a bus from Thuringia to Munich would be highly appreciated.

Our urgent appeal: Please donate and help to spread this call as quickly as possible because time is not on our side!

Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Donationtion code: „Bavaria Struggle“
Sparkasse: IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29

Afrikanische Flüchtlinge in Bayern kämpfen zurück: Demonstration der FlüchtlingsCommunity aus Sierra-Leone in München

African Refugees fight back in Munich: Organized by Sierra-Leone Refugee in Bavaria Germany

Reminder: #RefugeeDemonstrationMunchen
Demonstration 19.08.2017 at 13.00hrs in Munich.

The Call for Demonstration on the 19.08.2017 in Munich
Stop deportation - Abolish the Dublin System! Freedom of movement for all!

Aufruf: 19.08.2017: Demonstration in München: Stoppt Abschiebungen! Schafft das Dublin-System ab! Bewegungsfreiheit für alle!

Solidarity Statement of the Network of #TheVOICERefugee Forum in Support of the Protests and actions of the Refugees in Deggendorf and Bayern in general ...

Radio Reboot Fm 84: On African Refugees fight back from Sierra-Leone in Bavaria:
Berlin Radio Broadcast on 29.07.2017 Sierra Leone United Association in Germany demands deportation stops and abolition of the Dublin System: “Freedom of movement for all!” More Info:
English: Protest in Deggendorf: Statement of Sierra Leoneans Refugee Camps from Bavaria in Germany

Flüchtlingslager in Deutschland für Flüchtlinge aus Sierra Leone
Protest in Deggendorf gegen Abschiebung und gegen die Behörden wegen der schlechten Behandlung von Flüchtlingen