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Refugee Community Struggles in Bavaria: Update Finance and Mobilization to Demonstration Against Dublin Deportation in Munich

Demonstration 19th August 2017, 13h in Munich: „Stop deportations! Abolish the Dublin system! Freedom of movement for all!“ (

Refugee Community Bavaria: Update Finance and Mobilization to Demonstration Against Dublin Deportation

Dear friends, activists and supporters,

since our last preparation meetings coupled with the previous community meetings in Thuringen and Bavaria before and after the demonstration 24.06. „Stop deportation and smash the g20 summit“ in Jena where the demonstration in Munich on the 19.08 was first lauched in the meeting we wanted to keep on with the focus on the struggle of selforganized refugee lagers community in Thueringen and Bavaria this year.

We are still calling for your continuous support to make our plan for the demonstration in Munich become possible.

We urgently need donation or contribution of about 918 Euro for 19.08 Manifestation in Munich as we appeal for regular donation to The VOICE Refugee Forum network Community:

5 800 Euro; The VOICE Budget for Sierria-Leone Refugee Community Manifestation in Munich on 19.08.2017

2.800 Euro: Contribution from The VOICE Refugee Forum account
2.082 Euro: Other donations and Contributions

For costs of mobilization and participation with pre – mobilization meetings of refugees, travelling costs to the demonstration and conference, including a 2 buses for 18 people for rented mini-buses and 20 more will travel by train on friday from Thueringen, also refugees from Hof and Dingolfing of The VOICE Network in Thueringen and Bavaria are joing the Manifestation on the 19th August in Munich.

More than 300 refugees from different lagers in Bavaria, most expecially from Niederbayern are expected. Many may stay to participate in the late events and stay till the next day thich will also increase costs because people can not return home the same day if they participate in the conference and the cultural night. More money would be needed in Bavaria and beyond as we are hoping for good mobilization from the refugee community network in Dingolfing, Hof, Saalfeld, Gera and Jena, in Wuppertal and other places.

We are grateful for your solidarity already shown!.

We are contributing 2.800Euro directly to the Sierra-Leone Refugee Community from The VOICE account for mobilization and networking of the refugee participants on 19.08.2017

More money will be needed!

Unfortunately this will not be enough to cover the costs for open mobilization and participation in Thueringen and Bavaria. We are still very concerned about the financial situation to make our mobility possible by your donation and solidarity initiative for refugee community events. There will be more activities in the refugee networks after the demonstration on the 19.08.

We need more money and support in our struggles against deportation and for our fight for refugees' freedom of movement!!

We will still need a contribution of app. 918 Euro and regular contribution from your solidarity donation for our self-organized refugee networking in Germany.

Especially we are appealing to all for financial contribution and for your donation.

Solidarity Statement of the Network of The VOICE Refugee Forum in support of the Protests and actions of the Refugees in Deggendorf and Bayern in general

Thank your for your solidarity!

Please inform us! On the move!

Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Account CODE "Bavaria Stuggle"
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29

Your participation will be highly appreciated

More Information on Finance and on Mobilization will be published as the protest continue.

For further information and contact on the the refugee Protest in Munich:
Osman Jalloh, Refugee Community from Sierra-Leone
Tel.: 0049 (0) 1521 4441109
Email: Osman Jalloh,

Network of Refugee Community Initiatives in Germany
Tel.: 0176 24568988
Tel.: 0170 8788124


To know more about the protests continue reading and check our homepage:

In Thueringen and Bavaria we aimed as a network of refugees and migrants to bridge the primary gap between the community media/meetings/action/struggles in the political mobilization to reclaim our space and to fill the Break deportation - "Refugee Black Box" with their crimes of deportation and colonial injustice.

Refugee co-ordinated protest will be arising from the refugee lager communities in Niederbayern before and after the coming demonstration 19.08 in Munich. They have been organizing protest meetings in lagers since after the refugee-migrants community in April on 29 this year in Munich. We may expect the authorities and the police to intimidate them with deportation threats and with propaganda on racial profiling control of refugees in Nierderbayern.

Refugee community from Sierra Leone, Afghan and Pakistanis in The VOICE Refugee Network are organized in many more lagers in Niederbayern protesting.

We need more activists to support and organize with them in Bavaria.

Refugee activists from Guninea refugee community in the caravan network in Wuppertal are also invited to the demonstration.
The refugees now fighting to organize the protest against the Dublin deportation are mostly nationals from Sierra Leone living in different parts of Bavaria. Sierra Leonean Refugees in Deggendorf, Freyung, Waldkirchen, Salzweg, Passau, Landshut, Regen, Pocking and Hutthurm and other places are protesting the system that makes them illegal although they have valid papers to stay in Europe. The purposes of the protest are against their deportation, the Dublin deportation policies, racist treatment, bad nutritional situation and against the bad medical followed by racist treatment from doctors in Deggendorf.

For further information and contact on the the refugee Protest in

Osman Jalloh, Refugee Community from Sierra-Leone
Email: "Osman Jalloh"
Refugee Black Box Solidarity.