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Urgent press release: Coronavirus in the Refugee Camp in Maria-Probst-Straße 14, Munich / Germany

Foto: An African refugee from Congo, Janes Kansanula in the camp with lung disease.

Urgent press release: Coronavirus in the Refugee Camp in Maria-Probst-Straße 14, Munich / Germany
The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany is informed of the Munich refugee community's accusation and protest against the scandalous situation after an outbreak of Coronavirus in the Refugee Lager in Ankunftszentrum, Maria-Probst-Straße 14, 80939 Munich for Asylum Seekers in the state of Bavaria, Germany. Below we document a protest text by a refugee from Bangladesh, Ruhul Amin Khan, who is affected by maltreatment and isolation!
We are calling for an end to the inhuman situation and demand for the immediate and adequate health treatment for everybody affected by the coronavirus and any other illness!
We demand that everybody affected by the quarantine is provided with necessary items, especially space and that all necessary hygienic precautions are taken!
We are calling for the humane treatment of every single person!
We demand to end the housing of refugees in camps where they are packed in far too small and crowded rooms which enable infections to spread easily!
We demand decentral housing for all refugees!
We are calling on the state government of Bavaria and the federal government of Germany to release all the refugees concentrated in camps to be accommodated in decentralized and normal housing immediately in the interests of public health.
We are worried that if the authorities do not act now the refugees highly concentrated in crowded camps will continue to be held in a high-risk environment, leading to a preventable spread of the virus and losses of life.
We demand the stop of deportations!
Together with the refugees of Ankunftszentrum Maria-Probst-Straße 14, we call on all press, radio-, TV- stations and other media groups in Munich and nationwide to investigate the situation and insist in on humane treatment without discrimination for public interest!
Contact: Osaren Igbinoba 0176-24568988
The VOICE Refugee Forum, Schillergässchen 5, 07745 Jena

DEUTSCH: The VOICE Pressemitteilung: Coronavirus Flüchtlingslager Ankunftszentrum, Maria-Probst-Straße 14, 80939 München Fotos:

Communiqué de presse urgent : Centre d'accueil des réfugiés du camp de Coronavirus, Maria-Probst-Straße 14, 80939 Munich.

We are appealing for immediate intervention for help!
As a result of two refugees who claimed to have been infected by the virus many refugees who are not confirmed sick have been piled in the same room on conditions of suspicion without any sign of the virus. Security guards were shouting and forcing them by hand and pushed them to stay inside without food and washing machines to clean clothes or bedsheets. They were not allowed to get food or tea from the canteen. There is no clear information flow between security guards and government as different orders are being issued at the same time. This is not only a serious problem for refugees, but also to entire Germany. 400-500 hundred refugees are in this so-called Emergency Camp. We are many refugees who have spent at least more than three months here. The work is very slow, almost nothing is done to save the death conditions refugees are facing at the moment.
The clothes we use as bed sheets or cover are made from a material („dust fiber“) which is not supposed to be used by human beings due to health risks as a textile engineer says. We sleep inside dust, that causes asthma, cough and other lung diseases. The rooms for the suspected people have never been cleaned since we entered. Even cleaners do not come closer to our rooms. There is no washing machine for all, we have been demanding for the provision. As a result, we were given an opportunity to clean our clothes once after 16 days without using a washing machine.

They put the food on the floor which is completely unhygienic. They treat us like animals. They don’t provide much food. And this stress makes pain in my heart and already I feel so week which makes my immune system getting down. They want us to prove that we are sick. This is their plan.
It’s a completely awful and panic situation for me in this camp...

A photo of an African refugee from Congo, Janes Kansanula is a man in the camp who is suffering from serious lung disease (We have his medical report) even has no medication and he shared a bed with the infected man for one month. He lived with us together for some time. He is always coughing heavily and at a time he vomited and spit in his bed and on other places: in my bed too and on the floor. He asked for the doctor but the security rejected it.
In the meantime the man has been transferred from our room to another room after our resistance, insisting that he should get treatment due to heavy coughing and serious illness. According to him, he doesn’t get any medicine yet. The food they give us is collected from the closest asylum center Maria-Probst-Strasse 41, where also 4 people were identified positive for COVID-19 according to different sources.
Two days ago one suspected person was brought to our room by security guards. When we rejected him on conditions of safety and security, they spoke to their leaders. They tried to use force. We told them, they can do it on their own, but in case one gets sick due to the new man they will be responsible. They decided to call the police and also the police tried to convince us that we are all Asylum seekers and that it doesn‘t matter, we could stay together. We asked the police: what is Isolation? We asked the police to give us assurance, that they will be accountable in case one of us gets infected because of him. The police officer said they are not responsible. Then they left, the man was put in the opposite room.
Not only we are close contact persons, but almost 400 were also in close contact. Then, why they isolate only us and they don’t provide anything to us which we need? We are not provided disinfectants. We need hygienic and healthy equipment and a permanent possibility to wash. Most of all we need separate rooms and toilets for safety!
We are calling for press, TV- and radio stations and other media to come to us and investigate more, watch live and demand for a better treatment! In fact, I am pretty sure security guards are not going to allow any tv or press media.

We sent some pictures from our room which is never cleaned.


We are appealing for help! Some of us refugees are under detention - „quarantine“ for COVID-19. While we can‘t get out, other refugees are being deported to Afganistan from this same claimed contaminated area. This is unacceptable and unfair.

Ruhul Amin Khan
A refugee from Bangladesh. Politically persecuted by the ruling party of Bangladesh. Certain death or prison is waiting for me in Bangladesh.

Ruhul Amin Khan
c/o Ankunftszentrum, Maria-Probst-Straße 14, München, Tel.: 0049-152-14057064