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Who we are: Initiative Amed Ahmad - Enlightenment and justice!

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Who we are
We look forward with a great deal of determination. For as incomprehensibly dehumanizing as the official treatment of Amed was, we know that we are not alone in our experiences, that we are not alone in fighting for the enlightenment of injustice and inhumanity. The current local and global struggles for justice give us courage.
We founded in autumn 2018. The funeral of Amed, on which some of us were, moved us very much, we were angry and sad and we did not want to remain idle. This has resulted in a network, from friends of Amed, who have met him mainly in Geldern and supporters from the surrounding area.....

The fact that our friend Amed was treated by the authorities as a 2nd class man even before his unlawful arrest is no longer a matter for us. And despite the many small and large indications that Amed was innocently in the JVA Kleve from July 2018, none of those responsible saw a need for action, according to the motto: one will probably have already pinched the right person. Would this have happened to a white German young man of the middle class?
Instead of taking responsibility for fully clarifying the extrajudicial detention and the circumstances of his death, it is more important to the authorities to prevent any criticism, responsibility and the preservation of their corps spirit. A parliamentary committee of inquiry, in which party political skirmishes are fought, does not change this.
And all of this is racism. In an almost incomprehensible escalation, this German racism has become deadly for Amed, who has survived the terrorist regime in Syria and years of torture and fled to Germany with hopes for a protective rule of law.
What we are fighting for is that this institutional racism of the police and judicial authorities is finally being seen. And we are calling for a structural change in the authorities, the actions must be punished, the traditional corps spirit of the police must be broken up. Seeing away when someone is massively wrong must end – but unfortunately that is a deadly reality with continuity. But we do not want to and will not get used to this normal state of affairs.
We call for a dismantling of the racist-selective and repressive police and security apparatus, for an end to racial profiling and independent investigations of all suspicions of police violence, we call for a broad discussion about the institution of the police – about its colonial and fascist past and present.
The police are not a friend or a helper for a very large part of the population. Oury Jalloh, Adel B., Mikael Haile, Amed Ahmad and all the others were not isolated cases and unfortunately they will not be the last whose death by police could have been avoided. That is why we must collectively create public pressure so that the perpetrators cannot once again be held responsible by a system of cover-ups, so that this never happens again.
The diverse voices of those who have not been taken seriously for too long must be heard together and finally heard. Above all, we want to raise the voices together for those who can no longer speak for themselves, because they have already lost their lives as a result of these racist structures. We demand justice, we demand clarification, we demand structural change! Because: racism kills!
We look forward to providing solidarity and practical support. We can be reached via our e-mail address or via our facebook and instagram account. Thank you for your support and encouragement so far, we will need a long breath.

P.S.: If you are wondering, we are renaming our initiative "Initiative Amed Ahmad". The previous spelling with "a" – which we decided to use as an initiative after lengthy discussions based on our level of knowledge at the time – was unfortunately not correct and we very much regret that we contributed to the incorrect dissemination of this spelling of Amed's name.

Initiative Amed Ahmad
Enlightenment and justice!

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