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1st all african meeting in europa

1st Pan-African congress in europe
on bicentenary of slavery abolition and so call European year of equality of oportunities: About 600 leaders of African organizations within the European Union, will be in Bilbao, Spain, from 1 to 4 November, 2007, to attend to the 3rd pan-african congress which is the 1s black comunitty meetin in europe.

FECHA: 01 de Noviembre 2007
HORA: 10:00
LUGAR: deusto university
CÓMO LLEGAR: bus Continental, bilabo sondika airport train RENFE
"Every where we are, Africans must take the responsibility to resolve their problems any means necessary"
Malcolm x University of Legon Accra 1964


Call to all Africans to get our first European meeting to built Black Empowerment

On the Bicentenary of Slavery abolition1807-2007, 3 rd centenary of Equatorial Guinea 1777-2007, 50 th of Republic of Ghana 1957-2007, XX Anniversary of Thomas Shankara 1987-2007, 2nd anniversary of antiracist youth Riots in Paris and European year of equality opportunities for all 2007

1st Pan-African Congress in Europe - 1st- 4th November Bilbao Spain 2007

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

About 600 Africans immigrants -refugees and grassroots leaders from Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, Budapest, Milano, Nuremberg, Almeria, Austria, London, Swiss, Sweden, Paris, Marseille etc...They will meet in the city of Bilbao (Basque Country) Spain to participate in this historical Pan-African Congress. The goals are to talk and find solution together to the millions of problems that Black Community face in the European Union day by day.

A recent European Union study warns that Black People are the most impoverished, invisible and oppressed community in the EUROPE. Indeed, despite the activity of thousands of NGOs, a visit to any African community within the EU shows that our people are living on the edges of poverty, alcoholism, dropping out of school, institutional racism and police brutality. We need to do more than just wait for others to solve our problems. The EU is making plans and establishing political, economic and social relations with Africa without taking into account the African diaspora in Europe. We blacks have been excluded from debates on and from the actual process of constructing the union, from cooperation and from the Millennium Goals, from the fight against racism. Hundreds of initiatives, which have to do with our children, are confided to NGOs and other institutions which have hardly anything to do with us.

This year the topic will be One Afrika one Nation: to fight for unity and visibility of Africans associative expression, Reparations, affirmative action, European Union policieson black community, Right Civil of Refugees and women, Tribute to Tomas Shankara, Police Brutality on Black Community , semi Slavery situation on Afrikan working class, criminalization of our youth or 2nd generation, students, gender, our position on attack of Babilon on Zimbabwe, the roll of Africans media, the roll of Africans embassies, the Roll of African elite (intellectual, sportsmen & artist ) on suffer of the African masses, the great contribution of immigrants workers in African Union economies, the impact of intercultural Mediation on Black Comunnitties and institutional racism in the so call European year of equality opportunities for all etc....

The Pan-Africanist Federation of Spain, following the advice of the voice of millions of inmigrants and refugees suffers in the pateras or the new concentration camps so call "centros de internamiento". In fact the craying of the Black mothers their children are killing by police brutality: to encourage the world's Africans to face their responsibilities, wants to invite you to the next 3rd Pan-Afrikan Congress in Spain which will now also constitute a Europe-wide event, because it will be the first meeting of black grassroots leaders in Europe.
As we said in the Anticolonialist conference in Germany 2 years ago: we have a responsability , the responsability of built a REAL African Reparation movement unity . Activists meeting at this congress share the same experiences in their struggle. We shall assume our responsibility for the black struggles and affirm our desire to seek joint and global solutions to the situation of enormous oppression, violence, impoverishment and institutional racism that concerns us all. The congress will also prepare an Afro-European summit of the European Union, to take place in Brussels -Hamburg in October 2008.

The congress ist not the begining of anything is the continuation of the strong figth of ITRAP for Reaparation, GAC African global congress, 2nd Pan-African congress in Spain, antiracist conference in Swiss 2006, ASI Conference london 2007 leading by Uhuru movement , the hundred of demostration here in Brussels by sin papales, the last youth conference in Amadora Lisbon and the tribute we must pay to thouse young brothers who were on Riots in Paris. We must united all this fronts to build a Right Civil Movements to get justice and reparation. So we will thus mark a new phase in the Africanist struggle in Europe.

I learnt from my mother that , there is no doubt that our search for justice has brought and will continue bringing challenges, and will require personal sacrifices. Although we want to establish joint strategies for goalf of millenium 2012, therfore this will not be a typical congress of black elite theorizing far from the suffering and the fight for black masses or the expression of African associations. This event will bring together African grassroots leaders seeking continuity in our struggle day by day.

We are inspired by the engagement and love of figures such as Garvey, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Ana Nzingha, Nkrumah, Winnie and Nelson Mandela, Sabukwe, Lumumba, Yeshitela, Sankara, Cabral, Zumbi, Toussaint and so many others who preceded us. We want to request and strengthen the responsibility of black grassroots associations in Europe as necessary points of reference and as the only valid representatives of their communities.

This congress invites us to meet in a spirit of unity, paving the way to the tremendous stroogle we have to do in the name of Africans in Europe, and as a contribution to the development of the rest of the world. This first European Pan-Afrikan Congress will act as a vehicle towards the liberation and empowerment of Africans. It is a great hope to to be able to unite Africans from all over Europe, and we need to fulfill this mission!

We thus ask for the cooperation of all Africans who love freedom to stage a strong congress in Bilbao, Euskadi (the Basque region), from 1 to 4 November, 2007. Africa is in the heart of Africans, wherever they are. The city of Bilbao has shown its engagement and hospitality to us in hosting this international event.

Future generations of immigrants and refugees will know that you were part of this process.We feel and belive that our mission and vision of african freedom cannot exist without a challenge.The history and our children are watching us. We have the opportunity and responsibility to do that in Europe today. As Africans your participation and your voice is the most important.

BROTHERS AND SISTER I m very happy to be here in this part of the city . And the only thing I can tell you its that we are forward to bilbao .I want to urge you to work in the communities in European cities to guarantee the success of this event, which is part of our dreams of freedom and the unity of Africa. This is, now, our responsibility as grassroots leaders and as persons of reference to our communities.

See you in Bilbao!


ABUY NFUBEA Brussels (Matongue) july 25th 2007

Director of the congress

EUROPEAN PAN-AFRIKAN CONGRESS: Euskadiko Panafrikanista Federazioa Mr Tcham Bissa Nankofe C/ Padre Lojendio, 2 - 48008 BILBAO, Basque Country Spain Telf: 0034676195818 -0034696374330 Fax 946.070.951

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"Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave."
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