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Black African Community Forum of Activists and for the Welfare of Africans.

Black African Community Forum for Activists and for the Welfare of Africans.

The Way Forward for a Black African Community.

Establishing a Black African Community Forum for Activists and for the Welfare of Africans.

We are making a call for a forum of Black Africans in the form of an African Community network.
In the spirit of this network local community meetings of Africans are encouraged or should become connected - if not already existing.

We should endeavour to come together as a people conscious of the richness of the historical and cultural heritage of our ancestors in a land blessed with abundant human and natural resources.
We should likewise be conscious of the brutal invasion of our territories, our being subjected to oppression, racism, fascism, etc which are consequences of colonialism.

The colonialists of yesteryears and their collaborators and puppets in and out of Africa continue to decide our fate today despite the proclaimed end of colonial rule.
We should not forget the centuries of oppression and the exploitation inflicted on us ... the terror, brutality, bloodshed, murder, rape, blackmail... the centuries of slavery and colonialism still going along with improper political agenda, damaging media propaganda, unfair trade deals and whole scale looting of our natural resources.

“We should also not forget that the UN through the imperialist International Monetary Fund ( IMF ), World Bank and the World Trade Organisation ( WTO), has inflicted economic under-development and deepening poverty on the third world countries through their debt trapping loans and conditions. Black powerlessness continues unabated". ( Inspired notes from Chinweizu, An African historian and cultural critic).

We want to emphasis the brotherhood and sisterhood that unite us, the love for our brothers and sisters that makes us a people whose time has come and who keep on struggling against the colonial dominance, repression and dictatorship, against the denigration of our culture and dignity.
In the unity of our African people we should also recall that, our blood shed is an extraordinary source of life and power. It is our responsibility and inevitable destiny to defend ourselves and to protect the freedom of Africans wherever they are, as well as enhance the security of the "Gold and Diamond Continent of Black Africa" from predators and parasites from within and abroad.

We should resolve to proffer our own solutions denied of exploitation, oppression and the arrogant dominance, which are necessarily connected to the colonial mentality exercised upon our community here and in Africa.

To fight against this hierarchical system of dominance should be in the deepest interest of our collective experiences, setting ourselves free from the self-depression, exploitation and oppression from the grip of the colonial monsters.

We should enhance the richness in the diversity of our cultural heritage and denounce the colonial borders in the Black African Continent in order to determine the tasks which are called for and forge ahead in strengthening our structural platform for an autonomous African Community.

To enhance the political liberation of our oppressed nations and peoples we should search for possible lobbies, which are able to recognise our political aspirations and struggle for liberty, social justice and love.

It means to plant the seed for the collective interest and growth of our community without the imposition of leadership dominance by anyone individual or group within the community.

We are the Africans with all the richness of the diverse cultural heritage of the continent, we are a nation, we are a union of the people, we are the Africans.

With our heart in our hands and our hands on the community, the dreams and hopes for an independent and autonomously defined community can be achieved here and anywhere else.

Our cultural heritage and identity should be used as the key denominator for the mass mobilisation and organisation of a grass root based community to archive the noble aim of Pan Africanism and liberation for Black Africa .

We can only conclude that the social economic, cultural and political independence of the Pan African Community is the only road to the total liberation in the struggle against racism, oppression, and exploitation - back home as well as in the Diasporas.

We aim to build a community that commits itself and engage all classes of black people that seek the growth of a dynamic African Community.

We must strive to gain control of all that naturally belong to us - be it social, economic or political.

Thank you.

Initiative of the Black Africa Community

French Translation:

La voie progressiste pour une communauté noire africaine.Pour la constitution d'un forum communautaire d’activistes noirs africains au profit de leur propre bien-être
Black African Community of Activists and for the Welfare of Africans.

Reflecting on the Way forward for a Black African Community!

The Immediate Task

Series of texts with varying and differing ideas on the situation of ‘Black Community’ in Germany, Europe and the Diaspora at large vis-à-vis the African continent has been in circulation in recent times. Some of these ideas touch upon the historical root of many of the problems that currently beset virtually all African countries and the Black African Communities in Europe. Specifically, attention has been duly directed at the question of which way forward for the Black African Community especially in the Diasporas. While some emphasise the manifest against racism and the attendant discrimination and inhuman treatment of Black Africans in Germany, others venture into a reflection and critique of our conduct both in relation to ourselves and in relation to our various home countries. In the midst of the multiplicity and complexities of the problems, coupled with the magnitude of the problem of coordinating our engagements, there seems to be a lingering lack of focus on: 1) a clear definition of the problem in terms space and scope, 2) a clearly defined aim, 3) a serious and constructive discussion of possible approaches that could be adopted to achieve any set aim(s).

Thus to seriously address the question of the way forward, we should create a forum to seriously discuss the above points before setting any ‘grand agenda’ for the Black Community else, we may find ourselves in a situation of putting the ‘cart before the horse’.
The reasons for this line of thought is pretty obvious, given our previous experiences. But suffice to mention that a major underlying concern here is the reasoning that many are likely to come into this effort with a lot of energy and enthusiasm which carries a lot of expectations, but could be easily disappointed and frustrated when those expectations are not met. A situation that can easily result in withdrawal. While what has been done so far should be appreciated by all interested in this project, we should be open to criticism and new ideas and be prepared to place the interest of the struggle above our personal ego and self aggrandisement. This must be the starting point of our discussion on the way forward.

The Black Base - An Initiative of the Black Africa Community
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