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Gaston Ebua faces German-Ausländerbehörde, Monday 24.09.2007-Eng]


Gaston Ebua faces German-Ausländerbehörde

Place: Berlin Time: Monday 24 September 2007, 8am.

LABO (Landesamt für Bürger –und Ordnungsangelegenheiten) Ausländerbehörde Berlin, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, 13353 Berlin.(U-Bahnhof Amrumer Straße, U9)

This is a spontaneous appeal to activists to join my going to the Berlin German Ausländerbehörde inorder for this office to comply and undertake jurisdiction of my UN German Travel Document and residency permit. For several years they rejected this and now have to do this without substituting or issuing any residency restriction or Wohnsitzauflage nor any further kind of restriction.

Someone somehow right here has got be responsible.

Solidarity in Equality and Justice. Greetings Gaston Contact 01731889722

There are still serveral pending cases that are still unresolved.
Please make any legal support donations with code “Human & legal rights” to: Berliner Sparkasse Bank, Account Name:Gaston Ebua, Nr: 670219240, BLZ 100 500 00. International: (IBAN): DE10 1005 0000 0670 2192, (BIC): BELADEBEXXX.

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A brief Report after a recent visit attempted on the 18th of September
2007 with short background information..

Report about recent visit on 18.09.2007
On this day, I visited the AusländerbehördeBerlin with my Roehampton London University registration letter, a UNHCR letter on my case from 07 June 2007, an Interim Order known as Wohnsitzauflageresidenzpflicht-Änderungsgesetz-Revisionary-law to uplift spartial or residency restriction (which became effective on 1st September 2007). These were sent to the Ausländerbehörde Berlin to re-enstate my Travel Document and residency permit extension without any restriction with a letter from the Job-Center asking for the state of things. The visit to the Ausländerbehörde Berlin has been during opening hours following a telephone communication with my lawyer who said I should take the papers there and tell them it is urgent.

Accompanied by Mr Toby Becker to the Ausländerbehörde Berlin, I have been sent to meet with the responsible individuals on my case. They refused to accept that I have an urge residence permit. The civil servant questioned me saying I have lived in this country for so long and still did not speak German to her when I have been conversing with Mr Becker to ignore her arrogance. Before I had even finished my discussion with Mr Becker telling him to stay quiet
since everything is already on paper and insisting on them to read it, Mr Becker was already questioning her in German that she has been working so long in this foreign office and was not able to speak English; Why?
The Official fell immediately silent. It was all silent for almost two hours. I then said I did not feel as to leave this building and would not leave without a statement stamped by them confirming that I am in there with all documents. Only after this she reluctantly picked up my lawyer’s letter and stamped the date of 18th September 2007 and hand wrote 25.10.07, 1200h signing it without a name.
I later pushed forward the Job Center letter and Travel document. She stamped the Job Center letter completely ignoring my Travel Document. We waited for more than 3 hours in all. After that she also said that if they found my file, they would talk again with my lawyer.

I have immediately told this to my lawyer who said at first instance she was surprised that I was not issued any valid papers.
She immediately sent a complaint telling the Ausländerbehörde Berlin that her client would be returning to the Ausländerbehörde on Tuesday 25th September 2005 as berlin is juristically responsible and another lawyer would assist me on Monday 24.September 2007.This assistance will have to take place during opening hours of the AusländerbehordeBerlin since my lawyer will not be in Berlin.

My lawyer was later informed by the Ausländerbehorde in Berlin that they did not have my file and had asked for it from the court in Berlin “as fast as possible.” They would send me an invitation as soon as they had received it. My lawyer immediately told her colleague who is to assist me on Monday 25th September at the Ausländerbehörde Berlin . My lawyer also told the UNHCR and her office assistant that my file is being asked for from the Verwaltungsgerichts Berlin and that this could take 2 weeks.
Unfortunately my lawyer’s colleague made up her mind not to come on this informationgiven Monday. At the same time, the situation turned upside down creating huge doubts about the official sincerity of the Ausländerbehörde Berlin when on Friday 21 st September 2007 I got a statement from my lawyer’s office contradicting the Ausländerbehörde Berlin’s statement. This statement informs me that contrary to the Berlin office’s opinion, the court says that all files concerning me since 14.06.2007 have been sent to the Ausländerbehörde Berlin to the custody of Frau Ruhland. Till now, there is no information from the Ausländerbehörde which file they wanted to get from the Berlin court.

On Monday 24 september 2007, I therfore will move to the Ausländerbehörde Berlin to find out about the complete whereabouts of my file and to demand an immediate juristiction in order to enable me travelling this month for university registration in London.

Find Attached in Pdf file
1-UNHCR Letter on Gaston’s Case.(For now in German only)
2- Anderungsgezetzes(Wohnsitzauflage-Residenzflicht)-(For now in German only)

Short Background Information:
Gaston Ebua of The VOICE Africa and Refugee forum who faces German-Ausländerbehörde in Berlin on Monday 8 am is expected to urgently travel to London for registration at Roehampton university which is once more pending since the middle of september 2007.

The German Ausländerbehörde in Berlin is refusing to register Mr Gaston Ebua’s UN Geneva Convention German Travel Document and denies any jurisdiction over his Travel Document and residency permit that they themselves extended in August 2004 while he was living in Berlin imposing him a residency restriction to Darmstadt city.

The denial of jurisdiction to register his Travel Document since then caused him living without an administrative stay in Germany till today.
He is being charged administratively for living illegally in Germany. He is without any form of legal protection being offered neither by the Administrative courts despite serveral appeals.

The non-registered two-year extension of his Travel Document and residency permit (having residency restriction for the city of Darmstadt issued by the administration of Berlin) found inside the Travel Document ran out on the 11th of August 2006. During this period he suffered two airport arrests on his way to London. This caused heavy interruption of his London university schedule by making him unable to catch up till now. In September 2006 the Administrative court in Berlin refused to decide on an appeal for an interim order to allow Mr Ebua register at the University in London. This appeal is still pending today despite his allowance by the British Authorities into Britain.

The University of Roehampton London has once again contacted Mr Ebua allowing him to register until September 2007. His registration formalities are to be made in person between 17 and 21 September 2007 since classes begin Monday 24th September 2007.
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There are still serveral pending cases that are still unresolved.
Please make any legal support donations with code “Human & legal rights” to: Berliner Sparkasse Bank, Account Name:Gaston Ebua, Nr: 670219240, BLZ 100 500 00. International: (IBAN): DE10 1005 0000 0670 2192, (BIC): BELADEBEXXX.