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EN/DE/FR) 2^ Black African Conference in Dessau - Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation of Africans and Blacks in Germany

Information and Programme in Deutsch, English, French and Spanish

2. Black African Conference in Dessau
-Pressemitteilung Black African Conference in Dessau (06.01.2008)
- Meurtres policiers et criminalisation des noirs et des africains en Allemagne - Dessau (06.01.2008)
- Black African Conference in Dessau - Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation of Africans and Blacks in Germany (06.01.2008):
conferencia de la comunidad negra de Dissau 2008

The VOICE - Solidarität Forum zum Gedenken an Oury Jalloh, December 2007
Press Information of NAFA - Thueringen in Solidarity with Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh
More Press report on Oury Jalloh: Beobachter erheben Mordvorwurf // Flüchtlingsinitiativen verstärken Mordvorwurf


2^ Black African Conference in Dessau
Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation of Africans and Blacks in Germany:

Within the last few years, the African community in Germany has been on the streets to let their voices heard in relation to the laxity of the German executive, judiciary and legislative bodies to speedily bring to justice "hate crimes" like racism committed against black people. An example is the case of Oury Jalloh who was killed in the police cell in Dessau.

Three years ago Oury Jalloh was locked up after severe beatings from the Dessau police officers in the cell and the cell later went into flames. Though the police officers were present, no one rescued Oury Jalloh. On the contrary, the sound of the alarm was reduced and Oury Jalloh burnt to death.

The African community holds very strong that the police of Dessau killed Oury Jalloh. We are calling for a speedy action against the police perpetrator of this act in front of justice and not to use the old strategy of "shying away". This old strategy of shying away from racist crimes committed against Africans and other black people living in Germany has promoted and escalated police brutality against Africans and other blacks in Germany.

It is tragic that the police and the courts are not functioning as
expected. They indulge in very slow procedures when investigations on criminal acts committed against an African or black a black person are carried out. They play the role of portraying Africans and blacks as criminals in their society that should be excluded and discriminated upon.

Another form of racism in Dessau like in other parts of Germany is institutional racism. This can be experienced when Africans who have right of residence permit of this country are refused by the authority. There are Africans with children and married to Germans but they do not have regular documents as the law stipulates. The African community will like to have an explanation why it is so in Dessau. Street racism is another form of racism the Africans and blacks in Dessau face on daily basis. Africans are verbally and physically attacked on the streets.

The most recent victims of Police and racially motivated killings are cases like that of Oury Jalloh (Dessau), Dominique Kouamadio (Dortmund), Laye-Alama Condé (Bremen), John Achidi (Hamburg), N'deye Mareame Sarr (Aschaffenburg), Amir Ageeb (München), Kola Bankole (Frankfurt), Alberto Adriano (Dessau) und Amadeos Antonio (Dessau), just to name a few.

Our Demands.

1. The immediate change of the charges (failure of assistance) to murder charges, after having observed during the trial that alternatively one, two or no lighters were involved and knowing that a videotape of the police that was recorded after the murder in the cell has gone missing. The numerous lies by the police and the delay of the process by the judiciary and the many other open questions confirm our demand.

2. The immediate dismissal of the former chief of the police Dessau, Police Director Gerald Kohl, who has been transferred to Köthen, the police president Brigitte Scherber-Schmitt, who was formerly responsible in the police department of Dessau and who since 1st September 2007, has been transferred to the interior ministry of Sachsen-Anhalt and also all the police officers involved. Due to the investigations we are convinced that it was organised murder.
3. The compensation for the family of Oury Jalloh, especially the guarantee of an education for his child that entails and reflects his African roots.

4. An end of all racist police controls against black people and the re-opening of the cases Dominique Kouamadio (Dortmund), Laye-Alama Condé (Bremen), John Achidi (Hamburg), N'deye Mareame Sarr (Aschaffenburg) and of all other victims of police murder whose investigation files have already been closed.

5. Justice for the African victims of institutionalised racisms and for the victims of police brutality.

6. The acknowledgement of the existence of and denouncement of racism against black people in Germany as a crime, and the incorporation of compensation of black victims of racism into the National Action Plan for the fight against racism (NAP); and an independent commission for the investigation of the cases of Oury Jalloh, Dominique Kouamadio (Dortmund), Laye-Alama Condé (Bremen), John Achidi (Hamburg), N'deye Mareame Sarr (Aschaffenburg) and for all victims of racist motivated treatments and killings by the authorities.

The events are coordinated by The 2nd African Community Conference-Dessau with the participation of African-Black Community.

For the necessary critical judicial exactness, openness and consequences – strong public pressure is needed now!

Hoping for positive reactions we remain in solidarity.

For the Black African Conference

Mouctar Bah

Moctar Kamara:


The African Conference in Memory of Oury Jalloh this year will take place on 6th January 2007 from 12 h till 22 h in Beat Club in Dessau (next to main station)
There will be a cultural programme after the conference
Delegates from African Organisations like Africa-Rat, African People Convention -APC, The VOICE Refugee Forum, African Refugee Initiative, Afrikanische Initiative (African Initiative) and Nigerian and Friends Association (NAFA) as well as Activists of the African Community will participate.

11.00 hours: Press Conference

12:30 – Welcome speech and presentation of the campaign for Oury Jalloh by the African Refugee Initiative Dessau

13.00 hrs – Presentation of the reports of the Lawyers of Black victims
14: 30 hrs: Break

15:30 hrs - Presentation and contributions to the proposed African-Family-Campaign for the victims of police brutality and murders committed by the police and the Campaign for justice and dignity for Africa

17:00 hrs - Die African (forced) migration and the German Fortress Europe
18:00 hrs - Common perspectives of our political struggle („Memorandum of
Understanding“ between the groups and organisations for actual and future cooperation and for the participation in memorial ceremonies for all victims of police murder and deaths caused by state racism.
20:00 - The challenges, demands and future activities of the Black African Community Conference
Monday, the 7th January 2008, 13:00:

Demonstration in Dessau (Starting point: Main train Station in Dessau)

The programme is co-ordinated by the Black African Conference 2008 in Dessau with participation of different groups of the Black African Community.

Contact: Mouctar Bah

*Die Black African Conference is a network of Black African Organisations and Activists in Germany


Protocol of the meeting in (06.01.2007):
-Information in Deutsch, English and French
Oury Jalloh: Afrikanischen Community-Konferenz in Dessau (06.01.2007)
-Oury Jalloh: Forderungen der Schwarzen Gemeinschaft Deutschlands