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Stop the colonial heritage! Nigerian Activists Protest Against Deportation

D E U T S C H:
Nigerianische Aktivisten protestieren gegen Abschiebung und gegen die dubiose Kollaboration mit den deutschen Behörden Stoppt das koloniale Erbe!

Stop the colonial heritage!
We are here because you destroyed our Countries.

Immigrants and refugees in Germany are faced with threats of massive deportation. They are consistently denied the chances for asylum or regular stay as the German State is enforcing all efforts to expel them by force. With the Nigerian embassy taking the lead, some other African embassies in Germany plays a crucial role in this policy of exclusion and abuse by it’s so called “identification hearings” organised at different German regions on a monthly basis. The reason for such hearing is to facilitate the issuance of travelling certificate (TC) with or without actual verification of information for the deportation of those concerned.

Deportation is a colonial heritage that we must stand against in its totality. There is therefore a necessity for us to create a network for interaction so as to share experiences and be informed about the ongoing campaign against the de-humanising treatment that inevitably occurs in the process of deportation. And more importantly articulate plans for the way forward.

General consultations have confirmed that our Government position in this corrupt and ignorant cooperation that serves the interest of the western world only to enrich the pockets of our brutal dictators and the collaborators who stands to destroy us as ordinary citizens and silence our voices of dissent against the oppression, repression and brutality in the name of “agreement and cooperation”. We must therefore fight for ourselves.

We call on you to join us because; together we can make the difference to further our aims.

We demand:

Stop deportation and the dubious collaboration.

Respect for human dignity.

As Africans, we deserve better representation; deportation is no near solution to help develop Africa. The ordinary African must not be made to suffer the structural failure emanating from colonial setbacks.

We are co-ordinating a platform of activists in solidarity to call for the Nigerian – African community Forum ”NAF” to stand as a proper channel for information on the challenges in the Nigerian communities and the solidarity to promote awareness on our socio - political problems. There has been consultation with various Nigerian Community network in Bayern, Thüringen, Baden-Württemberg, Bremen with a call on Nigerians in Germany to join and support the protest.

The VOICE Refugee Forum, Jena

Protest Links: Nigerian Embassy Deportation Hearings in Germany
* Nigerian Activists Protest Against Deportation and Dubious Collaboration with German Autorities
Stop the colonial heritage!
D E U T S C H :
Nigerianische Aktivisten protestieren gegen Abschiebung Stoppt das koloniale Erbe!

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