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The VOICE Refugee Workshop in Halle - info in eng/frz/dt

Here ist the link: deutsch,english,french - flyer pdf: 22.11.2008 The VOICE Refugee Workshop in Halle

The VOICE Refugee Forum
22.11.2008 in Halle. at 2.00 pm
„Wächterhaus“, Triftstr. 19a, 06114 Halle

Workshop in Halle

Refugees in Sachsen-Anhalt will meet to discuss with Maman Salissou Oumarou (Niger Republic) and Salomon Wantchoucou (Benin Republic)about the activities of The VOICE Refugee Forum and the 10 years Anniversary of the Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants that took place in October 2008 in Thüringen.

There will be discussions and informations with Osaren Igbinoba on the refugee protests against Police Brutality (Oury Jalloh in Dessau), deportation (African Embassies collaboration hearings in Halberstadt on deportation to Africa) and against the isolation camps in Katzhütte and

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Workshop in Halle

Flüchtlinge aus Sachsen-Anhalt treffen sich, um mit Maman Salissou Oumarou (Niger) und Salomon Wantchoucou (Benin) über die Aktivitäten des The VOICE Refugee Forums zu sprechen und vom 10. Geburtstag der Karawane für die Rechte der Flüchtlinge und Migranten, welcher im Oktober 2008 in Thüringen stattfand, zu erzählen.

Es wird Diskussionen und Informationen mit Osaren Igbinoba geben über die Flüchtlingsproteste gegen Polizeigewalt (im Fall Oury Jalloh in Dessau), Deportation (Zusammenarbeit der afrikanischen Botschaften bei Anhörungen und Vorführungen zur Abschiebung nach Afrika) und gegen die Isolationscamps in Katzhütte und Blankenburg.

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Workshop in Halle

Réfugiés de Sachsen-Anhalt se rencontre pour discuter avec Maman Salissou Oumarou (Niger) et Salomon Wantchoucou (Bénin) sur les activitées de The VOICE Refugee Forum et le dixième anniversaire de la Caravane pour les droits des réfugiés et migrants quel a eu lieu en octobre 2008 en Thüringen.

Il y aura des discussions et informations avec Osaren Igbinoba sur les protêts contre la brutalité de la police (Oury Jalloh à Dessau), déportationes (collaboration des ambassades africaines lors de consultationes pour la déportation en Afrique) et contre les camps isolés à Katzhütte et Blankenburg.

22.11.2008 The VOICE Refugee Workshop in Halle

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Oury Jalloh – Das war Mord
Do, 27.11, 19³° Uhr, B5 Hamburg
Discussionen mit Salomon Wantchoucou umd Salissou Oumarou
08.12 Oury Jalloh DEMONSTRATION in Dessau – Mitfahrt bei der Karawane melden
Samstag, 29.11.08, 20 UhrOury Jalloh ist nicht der erste Todesfall - Infoveranstaltung in Freiburg
Beniner mit Abschiebung nach Nigeria bedroht de/en/fr
*30 - 31. 01.2009 Hamburg
Campaign Seminars and Workshops of the Caravan Nationwide Network in Hamburg.

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One year of protest against Refugee Isolation Camp in Katzhütte - Videos - Press - Fotos

YouTube Video - Katzhütte makes you sick
The authorities of Saalfeld (Thüringen/East Germany) are forcing a pakistani women to live with her two sons in the isolation camp of Katzhütte since many ...

The VOICE Refugee Forum online archives and information on our activities against the refugees isolation camps are being updated to support the manifestaion of "One year of Protest to close Katzhütte refugee camp" und (Gehlberg) Heim from the 26th - 28th of March 2009 in Thueringen.

There will be special highlights on the self organised initiatives of refugees protest against the isolation camps and the Katzhutte Lger in Germany

The events will be supported with the participation of the "Blankenburg Streik" refugee activists during the Aktion Conference with Visits to the isolation camps again and again. "The Refugee Live Konzerts is planned", we will also present special Photo exhibitions, Films and Videos on the refugees living situations, the protests and campaigns on Isolation Camps, Lagers, Residenzpflcht and Oury Jalloh Murder in Dessau.

Rally and Demonstration in Erfurt at the Internal Ministry in Erfurt.

We are inviting interested persons, groups, organisations and activists to contact us:

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The events on the 26 - 28 March protest against isolation camps in Thueringen is being initiated by The VOICE Refugee Forum, there will be preparatory events with the Brandenburg Refugee Srike/Antira Plenum Oldenburg, The Refugee Council Erfurt, Gerber Strasse Weimar before the Caravan Nationwide meeting on the 30th and 31st of January 2009 in Hamburg.

The Planing and Information on the organisation of the manifestation will also be presented in the Caravan Nationwide meeting on the 30th and 31st of January 2009 in Hamburg.
Refugee Isolation Camp in Katzhütte - makes you sick!
Highlights on Katzhütte Isolation camp in Thueringen:
Videos - Television reports, Newspapers, Fotos, Appeals and Declarations.