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English text: Stop the deportation of Yabre Oumarou to Bukino - Faso

Deutsch Text:
Abschiebung nach Burkina Faso - 10-jährigeTochter kein Grund für Aufenthalt

Yabre Oumarou fled away from persecution and threat to his life he faced in Burkina Faso and has been living since 1993 in Germany. He got married in 1994 and has a child (daughter) with his wife .They separated in 1996 and the daughter is 10 years old Mr. Yabre has been working for 10 years in Germany without getting any financial help from the state. Since 1997, he lives with a permit to leave after his residence permit was taken away from him. Despite his role as a father, his employment and integration he did not get any right to stay.

The Mayor of the city of Lingen (EMS) with his letter to Yabre´s lawyer approved the decision of the administrative court of Linberg (17.06.02)
stating that "Mr. Yabre with the situation referring to his German daughter does not have a right to stay for himself." Moreover, according to §60a Abs.2 of the law on the residency, employment and integration of foreigners within the country (Aufenthaltsgesetz-AufenthG- "laws on residency") of the 30.07.2004 (BGB1S 1950) in the present case does not stop the concerned from deportation, as long as this is not possible due to legal or factual reasons. That means employment and integration do not play any role as long as the foreign officer in Lüneberg persists to go on with the deportation.

On the 14.07.2006 at around 2.20 pm Mr. Yabre Oumarou was arrested by the police at his friend’s place and immediately his lawyer Jan Lam was informed.

Friday 15.07.2006 his case was heard by the Lower Court in Schwabach. The judge, Dr. Kohn, decided that he will remain in prison (but not more than three months) until the foreign officer of the city of Lingen could get all the necessary documents for his deportation.

Yabre Oumarou is reachable under the following address:

Justizvollzugsanstalt Nürnberg
Mannertstraße 6
90429 Nürnberg.
Tel: 0911/32102.

This case is dramatic because he has a very good relation to his daughter but the mother has tried everything possible to stop him from seeing his daughter and in collaboration with the foreign officer of the city of Lingen in order to see that his deportation could be well executed. His deportation would also make it impossible for the daughter to enjoy her right to see her father.

We appeal to all of you to give us your support in order to free Mr. Yabre Oumarou from the deportation prison and that he gets a permanent residence permit.

Please send your fax to the following addresses (a proposal for a fax letter is attached):

Verwaltungsgericht Osnabrück, Hakenstraße 15, 49074 Osnabrück, Fax.: 0541 - 314 762
Amtsgericht Lingen (Ems) Familiengericht, Postfach 1240, 49782 Lingen (Ems)Fax: 059 - 8049 408
Amtsgericht Schwabach, Postfach 1140, 91124 Schwabach Fax.: 09122 - 1807 199


Verwaltungsgericht Osnabrück
Hakenstraße 15
49074 Osnabrück
Fax.: 0541 - 314 762

Amtsgericht Lingen (Ems) Familiengericht
Postfach 1240
49782 Lingen (Ems)
Fax: 059 - 8049 408

Amtsgericht Schwabach
Postfach 1140
91124 Schwabach
Fax.: 09122 - 1807 199


I want to appeal für Y.O. who is in Nürnberg in deportation prison since middle of July and threatened by deportation to Burkina Faso.
After his flight from his home country B.F. he has been living in Germany since 1993.
He married, had a daughter, worked, didn’t receive any financial help by the state – was integrated. But after the separation from his wife his residency permission was taken from him and he is living on”Duldung”. Now he is supposed to be deported. He is in prison only because they don’t want to give him a right to stay. Empolyment, integration, fathership, the right to see his daughter don’t play a role, if the authorities persist to go on with his deportation.

The situation is especially dramatic concerning his daughter to whom he has a very good relationship. In case he is deported, Y.O. would be denied the possibility of regularly seeing his daughter and his daughter would be deprived of her right of having regular contact with her father.
Children have a right and and also need to have contact with both her parents - independent from the quality of the relationship between the parents.
A deportation would therefore not only be a dramatic intrusion into the life of Yabre Oumarou, who’s been living in Germany for 13 years and integrated, it would also be a massive infringement of his daughter’s rights.
I therefore stand up for Y.O.s release from deportation prison and for his permanent right of stay. I urge you to use your possiblities in interpreting the laws in a way that serves the well-being of the people so that the law’s execution is only an end in itself.