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The Central Call to The Caravan Festival from 4th - 6th June 2010 in Jena, Germany

Karawane Festival Jena: Newsletter 5 - Aufruf zur politischen Unterstützung, Termine >>>
*The Caravan Festival in memory of the dead victims of Fortress Europe

Jena vom 4. bis 6. Juni 2010 - Deutschland
Karawane-Festival "Events" Veranstaltungen in Deutschland
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KARAWANE-Festival in Jena - Multilingua - Calls

The VOICE Oline: Karawane Festival + Nationwide Preparation - Lets do it! Solidarity is our weapon, we have the power, we set the rules and take responsibility! "Unite against colonial injustice in memory of the dead victims of the fortress Europe"
Überregionale Info für das Karawanefestival 4.- 6. Juni 2010 in Jena: + (Texts in English)

Call for Support!
Join us and help to distribute this call for participation and support to organize from your towns and cities for the Karawane festival!

The Caravan Festival 2010
For the rights of refugees and migrants in Europe (Juni 4th – 6th, 2010 in Jena - Germany)

Unite against colonial injustice in memory of the dead victims of Fortress Europe

Open Air Festival against Neo-colonialism and Racism

A place without racism, sexism and discrimination where everyone cares for each other!
A bastion of humanity and solidarity!

The VOICE Refugee Forum on behalf of the Caravan-for the rights of refugees and migrants calls for presentations and performances of socio-cultural and political arts of resistance that explores the background and complexities of the lives and political struggles of refugees and migrants in Germany *and Europe

Together with anti-racist and socio-cultural and political activists, these events will feature discussions and exchange of experiences that includes poetry, street theatre, live music concerts, traditional African drums and dance, masquerades and gyration, songs and tributes to the victims of Fortress Europe.

It will also feature films, arts and photo exhibition and a host of other activities that will suit the expected range of wide participants from across Europe, Africa and beyond. Further concrete ideas and proposals are welcome and will be duly updated.

The highlight of this event will be the “Masquerade Parades”- a traditional form of expression with subtle and latent meanings in Africa. This will be supported by other arts and cultural performances with initiatives from different refugee-migrant communities that reflect our diversity and the breadth of our socio-cultural and political engagement.

The masquerades will come from our diverse lands with our history and the dignity of our ancestors. They will tell our stories in our own words and will ask questions of the colonizers to help us re-assert and reclaim the essentials of our humanity -solidarity, compassion and human dignity.

With the masquerade parade we want to build a Memorial in the middle of Europe for the death of thousands of refugees and migrants at the increasingly deadly and lethal borders of the European Union. With it we want to reaffirm our commitment to our fight for our right to freedom of movement, social justice and global solidarity.

Africa is not far from us - Masquerade and Fortress Europe

African Masquerades are revered divine cultural arts and performances during special traditional festivals in many parts of Africa. They are celebrated and represent a means of communal self-reflection, protection and solidarity especially during disasters or mass misfortune.

Traditionally, masks represent symbols of deity and dead persons whose faces cannot be physically seen or touched but imbued with the ability to speak and communicate with members of their community on issues of important bearings.

The Masquerades can and will tell the stories of those, whose stories may never be told -those burnt alive under mysterious circumstances in police custody, those shot and killed by the police in various European countries, those whose lives are meant to be wasted in the inhuman refugee and asylum camps all over Europe, those forced to be drowned by the security forces of European countries, those persecuted and criminalized by the racist police, those suffocated in the process of deportation and lots more.

We will not allow any of the memories of these victims to be “mere numbers” and forgotten without a trace. They are the victims and final recipients of the consequences of national and international injustice in Germany (Link) and the wider European Union. We will tell their stories for their stories are our stories and they remain our heritage.

Memorial Landmark

While recollecting the extreme conditions that precipitated our flight from our home countries, we will be remembering the horrors of these victims amidst the fear of certainty that more will die. In their honour therefore, we will unveil a “monument of human dignity” during the festival in Jena for all victims of the Frontex border regime and the barbaric policies of Fortress Europe. This monument will represent what these victims were denied by the heartless European powers even at death.

For the Rights of Refugees and Migrants in Europe!

The goal of the festival is to remind us of all the victims of Fortress Europa.
The problems of all their countries - be it in Africa, South America, Middle East, Asia, Europe- and the problems of victims of war should not be forgotten.
The European participants should show that they recognize Europe's responsibility for colonial injustice and to fight against the injustice. We are here because you destroy our countries!

Preliminary Format

The festival is open to all activists and artists of all nationalities and communities to express themselves through their arts of resistance with cooperation and creativity.

The format aims to reclaim the city of Jena as a whole with the festival events. Thus, there will be four "Blocks" in different parts of the city where events on different issues/topics will be presented /staged, and one open square for the central events.

The festival is meant to be a political festival of arts and performances exhibiting different forms of resistance with international participants to be coordinated by The VOICE Refugee Forum and activists of the Caravan-for the rights of refugees and migrants in Germany.


We want to increase public awareness of the enduring colonial injustice through this festival and improve our cooperation with various segments of the society through creative arts of resistance in various forms.
We are committed to the collective practice of building and maintaining a group/network that appreciate and probably share the history of our political struggles in a creative process.

We therefore invite and welcome supporters from diverse disciplines, background and orientations who can bring fresh approaches and ideas to invigorate our arts of resistance.

There will be special events of children initiatives including Acrobatic displays and Circus actions with Percussion Jam Session and more!

Volunteers are urgently needed

We are looking for volunteers with particular attention to Artists such as painters, sculptors, play writers, theatre performers and media activists, musicians, actors, art critics, in addition to individuals and activists from political and cultural groups and social networks who have interest in being a part of the preparatory activities and mobilization to the festival.

The final selection of materials and actions will depend on the preparatory group and meetings in cooperation with the nationwide caravan.

Preparation meeting

Preparations are already on track in Jena, Thüringen-wide and groups/activists from Hamburg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hanau, Freiburg, Berlin and Wuppertal are already involved.

We want to cordially invite all interested persons to the first nationwide preparatory meeting of the festival.

This will take place in Jena on Saturday, 23rd and Sunday, 24th of January 2010.

Time: Begins on Saturday, 23rd January at 12.00 noon


For the preparation meeting on January 23rd and 24th interested groups, activists and other persons from different cities are invited for discussions on networking and exchange of ideas and information on the cultural and political contributions, including de-centralized activities of public interest, fund-raising and touring before the festival in June.

Please get in contact with us!

We will work to provide some financial support to cover the costs of presentation at the festival, depending on agreed scale, nature and location of the contribution.
Contact Details:

Osaren Igbinoba, Telephone: 0176 24568988,


Websites: and

The festival will call for private donations, participation contributions, solidarity events and sponsoring. So we appeal to you all for donations to the account stated below.

Information on participants and their projects should include:
- A profile of the artist(s) or activists
- A brief description of the production or project you wish to present and activity.
- A DVD if appropriate, published text and internet link
- How you wish to present - extract, pitch session, etc incidental or spontaneous work.
- The type of venue you would need.
- A sense of its scale and technical specification
- Information on the cost and presentation.
- Any special person you would like to be invited.

If you are interested to support and participate in the festival and to receive newsletters and information on the preparation of the festival you
can us contact.

For those who cannot join, please support us by sending proposals and donations. Financial support is needed for good preparatory meetings, publicity, mobilization and information tour for the festival.

Bank Account: Donation- JenaFestival:

Förderverein The VOICE e. V.,
Bank: Sparkasse Göttingen,
Bank Account: 127 829;
Bank Number: 260 500 01,
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 000 1278 29,

Please keep your proposal or comments on the festival to a maximum of 4 pages.
All activities of the festival will be coordinated with The VOICE Refugee Forum and The Preparatory group in Jena.

Important things to consider:

Financial Donation, Mobilization, Big Tents and Mobile Trucks for music, Stages and parade.

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KARAWANE Festival 2010

The Caravan Festival in memory of the dead victims of Fortress Europe
Jena vom 4. bis 6. Juni 2010 - Deutschland

Karawane-Festival "Events" Veranstaltungen in Deutschland
Download pdf deutsch, english, arabic, francais, turkish, espagnol, Italian
KARAWANE-Festival in Jena - Multilingua - Calls
The Central Call to The Caravan Festival from 4th - 6th June 2010
Unite against colonial injustice
The VOICE Online - The 'Fortress Within': Restriction of Movement and Refugee Self-Organisation