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Karawane Festival 2010 in Jena: Call to all artists, musicians, actors, poets and all the other creators of art and culture!

KARAWANE-FESTIVAL 2010 - NEWSLETTER 4 Termine: Mobilization und Kampagne

Edited version published 07.03.2010

In Memory of all Victims of the Fortress Europe comes The Caravan festival 2010 from 4th-6th June in Jena, Thuringen

With long years of resistance against the inhuman Policies and the pains in being criminalized to have stood for our basic rights. We could still raise our heads high from your collective warm force of solidarity in the struggle to recapture our dignity as Humans.

Through organized demonstrations on our part, Protest actions, Conferences and gatherings that resulted in selective lager isolation and deportation as punishment for showing resistance, our Songs and Poems, artistic Pictures and Paintings, our dances and music of resistance against all barbaric policies that torments the daily life of us as Victims. Our cultural diversity that expressed the principle of solidarity with the desire for freedom that has given us the energy and strength to live and continue to fight.

It is in the same spirit that we seek your contribution through inspiration of arts to the Festival. It may be by performances and presentations that would integrate Spectators and motivate them to participate actively rather than just being Passive guest. It may also be in form of a common project presentation as an expression of solidarity and a show of the necessity for collective resistance like the song “Letzte Warnung” (last warning)in memory of Alberto Adriano who was murdered by Nazis in June 2000 in Dessau.

Contributions from Musicians like, Keldi, Kai Degenhardt or Jericho Walls who sang about Oury Jalloh, our Brother burnt barbarically in the Dessau Police cell in January 2005.

We already have an offer from a West-African author, singer, and musician
We intend to make the sampling of the concerts with all the songs that will be presented during the festival. To acInouss Landozz, he has promised to write and compose two pieces to be presented at the Festival
company and strengthen our future struggle.

Exhibitions from the Algerian illustrator S. Said (CLANDESTINE – cartoons
against the borders), the Nigerian painter and performer David Dibiah
and others would be present to inspire the visitors.

Filmmakers and Political Refugee Oumarou Maman Salissou from Niger Republic
(“Mama” and “Oury Jalloh”), Mehrandokht Feizee from Iran (“We are allfed up with it! – Les Réfugié, a band from the refugee lager Blankenburg”) will all be presenting their works during the festival to herald the combined production of a Film on the Festival itself.

Support the CARAVAN Cultural festival by joining Activist, Refugees, Actors and other contributor to create delight and strengthen the hope for resistance against barbarism and alienation in this modern world of today.

Send your signals of solidarity against the Culture of exclusion in Jena, in whose forest {Jena Forst} the Voice Refugee Forum was founded in the 90ies. The Voice forum stands out today as the only most consistent refugee self organized movement against against racism and colonial Injustice in Germany.

Link to The VOICE Online - The 'Fortress Within': Restriction
of Movement and Refugee Self-Organization

Even when you cannot be there in Person, your artistic works and materials, music and poems of Solidarity could also create a strong impact.

Please understand that we cannot pay for your artistic Performances but accommodation, feeding ,travel cost and Material expenses will be taken care of.

*The Caravan Festival in memory of the dead victims of Fortress Europe
Jena vom 4. bis 6. Juni 2010 - Deutschland
Karawane-Festival "Events" Veranstaltungen in Deutschland
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Contact: Osaren Igbinoba 0176-24 56 89 88
The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena , Schillergässchen 5, 07745 Jena
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