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The VOICE of Refugee Solidarity in Baden – Württemberg

Refugees for Refugees

We render mobile Information resource for Asylum seekers and migrants.
We refer asylum seekers to groups that suit their individual situations, provide accompanying persons at request and guide refugees in their asylum application or appeal.
We support to organize translations especially for clear understanding of Asylum application documents and inform applicants on their rights and duties i.e. Asylum, Foreigner and Social rights.

Our major goal is to save asylum seekers from the usual outcome of frustration and trauma in the process by motivating their commitment and daily life especially with the Authorities.
We also create a practical round table for refugee’s exchanges to practically develop a consistent pool of experiences for asylum seekers.

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Solidarity is the Weapon

Refugees are projected by the State as enemies of the Society while a crusade of systematic destruction goes on unabated. Our daily lives are complemented with instrumental hatred, discrimination, total control and institutionalized racism. The lager as the central instrument of the repression is nothing short from Segregation Ghettos beautifully made by name of Asylum homes. The Lager mentality is reminiscent of the old times of slavery, colonialism and nationalism, a strategy to keep the so called bad eggs far from the normal Society to facilitate identification, control and deportation.
Many amongst us are already brain-washed to even see the different available ways to survive as the only possibility. The German Asylum politics is a contradiction to the UN Convention with its well meditated loop holes for administrative enforcement of arbitrary decrees.
By self organization, the deeds of the state will be exposed to the Society as refugees will be able to break the isolation and keep the Authorities’ on serious check, know their rights to resist any form of repression and institutionalized racism and posses the guts to always ask the Question “Why” thus exposing lies of state officials.
Community networking in Lagers is intended to redirect our attention and analyze our potentials in bridging the gap between the repressions we face here in Germany to our basic reason of flight.
 Renounce deportation and Support the campaign against injustice
Take up your right and Support community network in lagers!

Solidarity is the weapon!

Refugee Conference in Stuttgart - Statement on Refugee Self Organization in Lagers by Rex Osa “Refugees have a Voice”

Photo Miloud speaks at The VOICE - Refugee Conferece in Stugart 12.03.11
Refugees were invited to exchange their experience and commitments to strengthen the ongoing refugee community networking and self organization in camps as a core focus in the conference.

The participation of refugees is crucial for the struggle against discrimination and injustice. In Baden-Württemberg this process now is getting started as refugee communities are building up in the different refugee camps.

Solidarity is the weapon and refugees are calling for sincere solidarity with the ongoing campaign against camps, food packages, restrictions to the freedom of movement and other forms of discrimination and injustice against refugees.
Tuttlingen District deprive Refugees from participating in Refugee Conference in Stuttgart
Delegationsbesuch des Isolationsheims in Hardheim und Witthoh in Baden-Württemberg

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Isolationslager Hardheim

Isolationslager in Hardheim, Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis

Refugee Community in Zella-Mehlis, Thueringen demand for the right to live a free life in Germany
Flüchtling in den Tod getrieben? - Schwere Vorwürfe gegen Ausländerbehörde Gifhorn nach dem Suizid eines Asylbewerbers

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