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Nigerian Embassy! Stop the Colonial Collaboration with the German State

Manifestation on Saturday 17th of September, 6pm – 10pm at Bürgerhaus Kinderhaus Idenbrüchplatz Münster

Discussion session will hold at the Interkulturelle Zentrum Don Quijote Scharnhorststraße 57 at 3pm

Nigerian Embassy officials are fond of the corrupt practice of moving around German Cities to identify Asylum seekers and issue travel documents to facilitate deportation. Africans Asylum seekers and migrants summoned to show up for such deportation hearings that promotes forceful and illegal deportation of the German State.

Deportation hearings are a form of corrupt and neocolonial business between Nigerian embassy officials and German authorities at the expense of the Victims. We appeal to all refugee community activists and all anti-racists to join our protest against deportation hearing. We appeal to the victims concerned “don’t support your own deportation! Refusing to attend a deportation hearing or to refuse speaking at the hearing is civil disobedience against deportation business”! Asylum seekers in Europe are routinely denied the right to a fair asylum process and faced with deportation threats and abuses through active collaboration of Country Embassy who issues travel documents to deport them to the alleged home countries. The Nigerian embassy’s collaborating role has since 2007 been on massive scandal of collecting corrupt Charges of 500 Euros to facilitate the deportation of each persons seeming to look like Nigerians.

The abusive procedure of deportation hearings Victims are summoned before a representative of the Nigerian embassy in any of the forced deportation hearing conducted randomly in different German cities. During the Embassy hearing, refugees will be questioned by Nigerian embassy officials in order to confirm their Nationality arbitrarily based on accent, appearance i.e shape of the face, traditional scars etc.! It is also obvious that Asylum seekers from Togo, Liberia, Uganda, Sudan, Sierra Leone etc. are been invited to such hearings with the Nigerian Embassy. The identification exercise and its militant approach has continued to Traumatize refugees and migrant victims through massive abuse as many are brought in by the police on handcuffs like criminals. The same refugees who have escaped Persecution from their home countries are forced to appear in front of officials of the same Regime that has caused them to flee.

The hypocrit role of Nigerian Embassy Officials

Mr Okoye Alias Ambassador has since 2008 been the main brain in this whole corrupt collaboration as he expressed his dicey role to a visiting delegation to the Embassy on demand to stop the mobile hearings in 2008. Although the then Ambassador Ridmap agreed to consider stopping all forms of mobile hearing as demanded by the delegation of African Community Activist.
Minister Ahmed and his successor Minister Ehiaghighala representing the Embassy at such deportation hearing also undertake functions of an external Employee of the “Federal Office of Migration and refugee” with a mandate to question and reassess refugees stories during the identification exercise.

The Question of criteria for issuing travelling certificates thrown before Ambassador Ridmap and his fellow colleagues was ignored while the hearing continues in more abusive and corrupt procedures like the imposition of personal data by the deportation authorities without a proper verification for its authenticity.
There are usually cases of double date of Birth, Nationality, and Names which the Embassy hesitates to question.

Amongst those faced with such identification exercises are Asylum seekers who are Unjustly denied the right to protection or punished for resistance against the German state Repression i.e. "violation of the Apartheid Restriction to freedom Movement" and Migrants who are forcefully separated from their partners, children and family members through racist influence of the authorities.

Resistance and civil disobedience is possible

Many times, refugees and other anti-racists initiated protest actions against deportation hearings. Moreover, many refugees had boycotted deportation hearings, even with the strong pressure from the authorities. Many of those who refused attending Embassy hearings were able to stop their own deportation to win more time for an alternative means to their situation.

Civil disobedience needs active solidarity and support!

Break isolation and Protest Country embassy corrupt Collaboration

Join us on Saturday 17th September at Bürgerhaus Kinderhaus Idenbrüchplatz

We demand:
Stop neocolonial collaboration with the German State!
Stop all deportations!
Stop the persecution of Refugees
Abolish residential obligations!

Protest Continues as Embassy Ignores Call to Stop Corrupt Collaboration
Protest against the Nigerian Embassy - Deportation Hearing on in Karlsruhe

German Texts:
Proteste dauern an, während die Botschaft Forderungen ignoriert, ihre korrupte Zusammenarbeit zu beenden.
Stoppt die Kolonial-Kollaboration der nigerianischen Botschaft mit dem deutschen Staat!

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