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Events of the Refugee Protest march in Erfurt, 18.09.2012 at the Parliament of Thueringen

Ankündigung: Flüchtlingsprotestmarsch am 18.09.2012 in Erfurt beim Thüringer Landtag

Break the Residenzpflicht Obligation!
Break the Isolation: Freedom of Movement is for everyone!

The longest refugee protest march in our time from Würzburg to Berlin is arriving in Erfurtz on 18.09.2012 for Rally and Demonstration at the Thueringen Parliament

Actionday of March of Protest September 18th 2012 in Erfurt:
Rally and Press Conference at 11:00 Hrs
in front of the Thüringer Parliament with Tent Action and Cakes for All -
At 16:00 Hrs Begins the Demonstration to the Refugee Lager in city of Erfurt „Gemeinschaftsunterkünften“ with Closing Rally at the Erfurt Main Train Station

Break the Isolation: Freedom of Movement is for everyone !

The communities of refugee activists from the various lagers in Germany have continued to call for the immediate abolition of Residenzpflicht and to break the discriminatory logic of borders in civil disobiedience as well as to stop deportation and to close down all the refugee Lager camp in Germany

„Colonialism has many faces and Every refugee has his own story to tell: Together we will continue to strengthen the refugee struggles against Colonial injustice in Germany. Emphasized by Osaren Igbinoba of The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena.

We call everybody, refugees and local people, to join the protest march to the end the Colonial apartheid law of the obliglatory restriction of movement against the refugees and help to the end the discriminatory isolation against human beings.

On the move!

In solidarity with protest march activists and the Committee of the refugee Tent protest

Protestmarch info:

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena

Protest March Route 1
Würzburg - Berlin

Next steps (March):
14.09 Kleinschmalkalden
15.09 Wahlwinkel
16.09 Cobstädt
17.09 Erfurt Gispersleben
18.09 Erfurt
19.09 Berlstedt
20.09 Teutleben (border Thüringen-Sachsen Anhalt)
21.09 Balgstädt - L210 (crossing route 250)-L208
22.09 Weißenfels - 176 - 180 - L206
23.09 Markranstädt - L188 - 87
24.09 Leipzig (Messe)(Maximilianalle)
25.09 Brösen - 2 (after a river, Griep's Heide Hotel, at parking)
26.09 Lubast - 2 (after wild area)
27.09 Wittenberg - 2 - L131
28.09 Marzahna - 2
30.09 Buchholz - 2
01.10 Michendorf -2
02.10 Potsdam
03.10 Berlin