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Racial Profiling Reloaded - Is clearly a violation of one ́s civil human rights

Friday, October 12th 2012 6 pm till 9 pm
Saturday, October 13th 2012 9.30 am till 10 am

Racial Profiling Reloaded

Racial Profiling describes a police practice which has so far been denied officially by the government and its institutions. : Racial profiling consists of deliberately targeting people on grounds of their race/ethnicity/religion; a practice which can be observed often – on the streets, in public transport, in parks and shopping centres – and has just recently been declared legal by the district court in Koblenz in a lawsuit.

From the point of view of the “European Committee against Racism and Intolerance” and many anti-racism initiatives, Racial Profiling is clearly a violation of one ́s civil human rights and an example of institutionalized racism that has legitimised under the pretence of security regulations.

In Great Britain and France Racial Profiling has been publicly documented in these last few years by social and migration organizations and has also been harshly criticized, once this police practice had added onto the social fights of the permanently stigmatized communities.

The congress Racial Profiling Reloaded is the fourth event already that KOP is conducting about that topic. After “Gewalt. Polizei. Rassismus. Wenn Polizei zum Täter wird” (2005), “Vom Polizeiangriff zum Übergriff” (2007) and „Racial Profiling or The colour of guilt and innocence – Zur rassistischen Motivation polizeilicher Praxis“ (2009) the focus now lies on the collective and coordinated fight against Racial Profiling. Together we want to exchange our strategies, to pool them interdisciplinary and finally put them together as a strong community.


What is Racial Profiling? Introduction to the different issues of racial profiling (criminalized places, border controls) with practical examples
Conducted by: Sebastian Friedrich und Caro Tamayo (KOP)

What to do as a victim or witness of racial police violence? Intervention for everyday life: situational practice and appropriate behavior
Conducted by: Maryam Haschemi (ADNB des TBB und selbständige Rechtsanwältin), Angelina Weinbender (KOP and MRBB e.V.)

Campaign work and monitoring: Control the police and organize resistance exchange of experiences and collective strategies about monitoring (e.g. law suit monitoring, documentation of experienced situations)
Conducted by: Mouctar Bah (Oury Jalloh Initiative), Johanna Mohrfeldt (KOP)

Media and Racial Profiling How to access media, how to handle and how to protect oneself from inappropriate media influences.
Conducted by: Frances Henry, Maria Portugal (ReachOut)

And then everthing changed... Psychological effects after experiencing racial police violence
Conducted by: Eben Louw (OPRA), Laura Janßen (KOP)

Victim as offenders The charge of resisting a police officer („Widerstand gegen Vollsreckungsbeamte“/§ 113 StGB) as an instrument of the criminalization of victims of racial profiling
Conducted by: Najat Abokal (Rechtsanwältin), Biplab Basu (KOP und ReachOut)