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Press Statement of The VOICE Refugee Forum: In solidarity with the 14 days refugees protest march from Munich to Nuremberg 2016

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Press Statement of The VOICE Refugee Forum:

In solidarity with the 14 days of protest march from Munich to Nuremberg 2016: Refugees from The VOICE Refugee Forum (network) join in Landshut on 11th October 2016

On 8th October 2016 the protest march of the group "Refugee Struggle for Freedom" has started in Munich and will end on 21st October in Nuremberg

This protest march is aimed to mobilize and organize against the delay and refusal of Refugee Application for protection by the Federal office for Migration - (Bundesamt für Migration) and Refugee Asylum in Nueremberg.

The VOICE refugee Forum Germany, together with the recently founded VOICE Refugee Forum Bavaria and the „Community of Refugee political activists in Bavaria“ stand in solidarity with the “Refugees struggle for freedom group” and we will give
full support to the protest march. We refugees here fight for our rights, strengthen each other and together we will defend our dignity. We are also human beings and deserve respect and dignity like any human being. By coming together, we will continue to learn from each other, develop our strength by continued self-empowerment to overcome the different faces of injustice in Europe.

Our goal is to organize with self-organisation of refugees and their Communities against the Apartheid in isolation camps and Lagers that leads to suicide and trauma and to empower the political Networks and struggles in the camps. We demand solidarity in the protest against the collective punishments through the racist persecution of refugees in Germany. We demand the abolition of the residence obligation (Residenzpflicht) and of the segregation of refugees in lagers, camps and deportation prisons. We stand for freedom of movement for all, deportation stop and for the end of all discriminatory laws against refugees. We are united against any form of colonial injustice and social exclusion of refugees and people without rights in Germany.

We are in solidarity with the “Refugees struggle for freedom” because their demands are also our demands and the refugee protest is our and all refugees' struggle.

15 refugees, who have organised in The VOICE Refugee Forum Bayern, from Dingolfing, Passau, Moosburg, Gottfriedingerschwaig, Loiching and Landau have joined the march from the beginning. Refugee activists from The VOICE Refugee Forum and the „Refugee political Community“ coming from Thüringen, Kiel, Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin will be joining the protest in Landshut, Regensburg and Nürnberg. Also refugees from other cities in Bavaria will meet with the refugee activists in the different cities.

On 11th October 2016, a demonstration will take place in Landshut with the destination to the refugee-lager in Niedermayerstraße

Start: 17:30 hours, Martinskirche (city centre)

We call on all activists to focus on promoting networking and unity within Refugees Communities and mobilise to duly represent our own VOICES.

We demand unconditional residence! Stop all deportation! For freedom of Movement!!!
Statement of The VOICE Refugee Forum Bavaria: In solidarity with the refugee protest march from Munich to Nuremberg in 2016

The VOICE Refugee Forum Bavaria, on behalf of The refugee-Migrant Political Community.
For More Information and Press Contact: : Muhammud Ali Awan, Tel.: 015218222548

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We are mobilizing more refugees to join and welcome the protest march in Landshut on 12.10.2016