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Fax Campaign for the Right of Residence of the Haliti/Ristic Family Stop the Deportation!

Fax Campaign for the Right of Residence of the Haliti/Ristic Family
Stop the Deportation!
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Roma Thuringen Erfurt- Break Deportation Now!
Please sign and spread the Protest Fax:
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For the right of residence of Shani Haliti and his both children Emil and Emanuel Ristic. Shani is a Romany from Kosovo. During the Kosovo war he was forced into the Serbian army and to fight Albanians. That's why he had to flee to Serbia after the war. His life in Kosovo was in danger.

Emil and Emanuel were born in Serbia. There they experienced discrimination because they are Romany people and Muslims. In school the kids have been victims of bullying and have been beaten up by their classmates. Parents of Serbian students forced the family to leave and also threatened their lives. The police didn’t help the family but blamed everyone – because they are Romany people. They have always been the culprits, even if there was no evidence.

That’s why the family came to Germany for the first time in November 2013. But their asylum request was rejected as „clearly unfounded“. So the family got forced to travel back to Serbia. Shortly after their arrival all the discrimination and mistreatments by the police started again. Shani Haliti got beaten up for hours by Serbian police officers…and they signalized to repeat it.
So the family fled again to Germany in January 2015. Since then they live in Erfurt and got the status „suspension of deportation“. After the stop of deportations during the winter 2014/15 the family received a written threat of deportation from the foreigners’ registration office (Ausländerbehörde – ABH) Erfurt. Because of the traumatizing experiences during the war in Kosovo and the discrimination in Serbia the father is suffering from a paranoid schizophrenia with temporal suicidality. Thus the medicating psychiatrist certified Shani Haliti a threat for health and life if there was a deportation. The ABH still wanted to deport the family on 9. December 2015. That just could be stopped by a church asylum.

They family had to stay in a church for 2 months until they were able to make an application addressed to the commission for special cases (Härtefallkommission) in Thuringia in February 2016. During the process they were safe from deportation. But when they left the church asylum they couldn’t go back into their flat: It got cleared by the social office in Erfurt in January 2016. All personal stuff got thrown away. The family just got informed about this afterwards, even if the office clearly knew about the situation of the family. Because the family have had revoked the deportation they had to live in a collective accommodation (sports hall) in Erfurt for one month. Until now they live in a container for already 6 months.

Despite of his sickness and the bad living conditions, mister Haliti absolved a German course and a practicum during the last months. The ABH in Erfurt didn’t let him work or get more education. He is still an activist of the group Roma Thüringen and also participated (also with a speech!) in demonstrations in Erfurt against the regular mobilization of the party AfD. The kids are in the regular school and are also active in a sport club…But the Härtefallkommission still (despite all the named reasons!) rejected the application of the family in July 2016. Also a petition to the petition committee of the Thuringian parliament (Petitionsausschuss des Thüringer Landtags) against the deportation got rejected in August 2016.

The last chance for the family is an application for humanitarian stay to the ABH Erfurt, filed by mister Haliti and his lawyer on 27. July 2016. A return to Serbia is impossible because of the listed reasons – for example violence and mistreatments by the Serbian police. Another important fact is that mister Haliti wouldn’t get the badly needed medical support and therapeutic treatment. That not just threatens his health and life but also the wellbeing of his children who depend on him.
Let’s show the ABH Erfurt that the family Haliti / Ristic isn’t alone and we support them so that they will get their right to stay in Germany!

The family Haliti / Ristic must stay!

Dear Mr Heinemann,

I have heard about the situation of the family Haliti / Ristic. I am now appealing to you as the person in power who has the decision about the application for humanitarian residance (from 28.07.2016) of Mr Shani Haliti. Shani Haliti and his both children Emil and Emanuel had to flee from exclusion and violence in Serbia. It would be a danger to their life and limb if they had to go back to Serbia. They need our protection. Thus the application for humanitarian residence of Mr Haliti as to be accepted at all costs. He is traumatized in different ways and needs professional medical and therapeutical help. Both children depend on him. It is your responsibility protect Shani Haliti and the child's welfare of Emil and Emanuel.
I would like to ask you to use the administrative discretion of your office and decide positive of Haliti's application. It would be a rescue out of big misery for the family.

I remain in expectance of a positive answer.

Yours sincerely

Protest Fax / E-Mail:

Ausländerbehörde Erfurt
z.H. Amtsleiter Herr Heinemann
Tel. +49 361 655-5444
Fax +49 361 655-7609
Bürgermeister-Wagner-Straße 1
99084 Erfurt

Sehr geehrter Herr Heinemann,

ich habe von der Situation der Familie Haliti / Ristic erfahren. Ich wende mich nun an Sie als Verantwortlichen in der Entscheidung über den am 28.7.2016 durch Herrn Shani Haliti gestellten Antrag auf humanitären Aufenthalt.
Shani Haliti und seine beiden Kinder Emil und Emanuel mussten vor Ausgrenzung und Gewalt aus Serbien fliehen. Ihr Leib und Leben ist in Gefahr wenn sie zurück kehren müssen. Sie brauchen unseren Schutz. Dem Antrag von Shani Haliti auf humanitären Aufenthalt muss daher unbedingt stattgegeben werden. Er ist mehrfach traumatisiert und braucht gute ärztliche und therapeutische Behandlung. Seine Kinder brauchen ihn und sind auf ihn angewiesen. Es liegt in Ihrer Verantwortung das Leben von Herrn Shani Haliti sowie das Kindeswohl von Emil und Emanuel zu schützen.
Ich möchte Sie bitten, den Ermessensspielraum Ihrer Behörde zu nutzen und positiv über den Antrag zu entscheiden. Für die Familie wäre das die Rettung aus großer Not.

In der Erwartung einer positiven Antwort verbleibe ich.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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