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Videos Reports: Police Brutality and Refugee Protest Camp Solidarity - The Petition on Nigerian Embassy Occupation in Berlin

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Petition against German State Occupation of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin - Collaboration Founded on Corruption

The VOICE Refugee Forum
(Stuttgart Office)
Böblingerstr 105
D - 70199 Heslach-Stuugart

His Excellency
Mr. Goodluck Jonathan
The President
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Abuja – Nigeria


Senate President
Speaker, House of Representative


H.E Akinyemi Farounbi OON
Manila 29.11.12

Petition against German State Occupation of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin - Collaboration Founded on Corruption

On 15.10.10 in Berlin, Nigerians and their supporters protested the continuous collaboration of the Embassy´s corrupt identification-deportation exercises conducted at different German cities on a monthly basis. The protesters also called on the Nigerian Government to cancel all deportation agreements entered with the German European Government.

As the case may be, the protesters had requested Ambassador Abubakar to address his responsibility to stop the corrupt identification - deportation hearing planned to take place the next day “ 16.10.11” at The German Police Station in Karlsruhe - Durlac as a first step to an understanding in this regard.

Several weeks had gone by since the diplomats shamefully exposed Nigerian citizens and supporters to criminalisation and brutality of the German Police right inside the Nigerian Embassy and comment is yet to be heard from the Nigerian Government on the incidence. Such deafening silence is a portrayal of the total lack of interest on issues affecting Nigerian citizens living abroad.

Its no surprise that the Nigerian government has failed in its duty to guarantee safety of her citizens’ right to freedom of expression and assembly and nevertheless sees no reason in supporting Nigerians attempting to enjoy such rights outside the country as the Nigerian diplomats paraded the German police violent and barbaric atrocities on innocent Nigerians citizens and friends who protested their dubious collaboration with the German Government – a collaboration that has placed Nigeria as a clearing house for deporting and traumatizing unjustly denied Refugees to misery.

Rather than addressing our demands as the case may be, the Embassy Boss ignored our presence while his diplomatic Folks and local Staffers took turns to threaten us even with death.

The diplomats weakness started right away as they vested their duties on the German police who promptly enforced a barrier with claims that the Diplomats have declared their unwillingness to either speak with us or receive our written statement, thus prompting the German Police culture of maiming and brutality on us. – an eerie reminder of the violence that marked the colonial occupation of our countries. Back then, our mothers were raped, our forefathers were brutalized and killed, our lands were occupied and subjected to all forms of exploitation and inhumanity, the consequence of which remains as today’s untold and unabated suffering, the perpetuation of violence and abuse, and the denial of our fundamental human rights. Now before our very eyes, the Nigerian government with its Berlin Embassy confirms its will to continue this injustice.

The silence of the Nigerian Government is a subtle expression of acceptance of the abusive utterances from the German Police right to our face: “Even if you die here, the German State will do nothing about it because you are not wanted here anyways! The Nigerian Government itself is too irresponsible to ask after you!! How could you expect justice here when you cant have it in Nigeria”!!!. Regrettably, the Nigerian government has shown its determination to prove them right and it is a scandal.

But watch your back, we will not accept it!!! We fought the injustice that is perpetuated there in Nigeria and in the same spirit we shall fight against all these injustices and collaboration that is carried out here in Germany.

We are determined to expose this collaboration that only serve to line the wallets of certain diplomats and their godfathers in the Nigerian Government. Not long ago, the same Nigerian Embassy in Berlin was busy collecting exorbitant charges from fellow Nigerians and wrongfully annulling their Nigerian citizenships to obtain German citizenship in violation of the Nigerian constitution that they swore to uphold. As long as it fattens their wallets you can rightly guess what they will do anything, but they must know that we shall continue to watch and dutifully expose all corruption and abuses because we can simply not be deceived.

With our strong capacity of solidarity, we shall continue to protest these injustices as often as possible even at any representation of the Nigeria Government until this corrupt collaboration is stopped once and for all.

Since the Nigerian government has proven so inept to our concerns, we shall take the responsibility to represent the oppressed against every form of Colonial Heritage and seek redress by every possible means.

We hereby submit our petition and demand clarification on the following;
1. The German State Encroachment on the Nigerian Territorial Area.
2. Assault on Nigerians and supporters within the Nigerian Territorial Area.
3. Illegal expulsion of Nigerians and supporters from the Nigerian Territorial Area
4. Criminalisation of Nigerians and supporters by the German Police aided by the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin.
5. Corrupt and dubious identification process aim at obtaining deportation papers.

Furthermore, It would have been expected that the Nigerian Government sees its duty to observe further actions that may have been taken against the arrested protesters in the Police Cell (notwithstanding its Failure in the first instance), rather than abandoning them to the racist German Police and proceed with the corrupt deportation-identification exercise for October on the next day. The same corrupt exercise for November is taking place in Dortmund at this moment.

In Conclusion, we are demanding a statement from the Nigerian Government on our 14.06.12 correspondence (attached) received by Mr. R Shehu (Deputy Head of Mission) on behalf of President Goodluck Jonathan and on the incidence of 15.10.12 at the Berlin Embassy with a further demand for the setting up of a commission of enquiry to investigate such acts of misuse of Office which we see as colonial injustices that continues to reproduce itself at the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin.


We hereby appeal to all progressive and democratically founded organization and groups to support our demands against all forms of colonial abuses that The VOICE Refugee Forum has been engaged in since its foundation.

We also call on Institutions, Organizations, Groups and Individuals to inspire and empower an International Campaign Solidarity in coordination with The VOICE Refugee Forum


The VOICE Refugee Forum
(Stuttgart Office)
Böblingerstr 105
D - 70199 Heslach-Stuugart

The President
Federal Republic of Nigeria
His Exellency
Mr Goodluck Jonathan
Abuja – Nigeria


Ambassador Abdul Usman Abubakar

Dear Sir,

The alarming German-European continuous engagement in the massive and brutal expulsion of Refugees and migrants gives a clear signal of hatred and the German endless war on Migration.

One of the strategies implored in this direction is the German-European practices of Manipulating and corrupting of Refugee Country delegates and Embassy Officials to collaborate in the corrupt issuance of deportation Certificates to facilitate and legitimate their Brutal exclusion and racist Policies.

Nigerian Embassy Officials are routinely engaged in a Gestapo form of forced deportation hearing conducted in different German Cities on a monthly basis lasting a minimum duration of 4 working days at every respective Hearing.

This age-long and widely criticized corrupt collaboration from The VOICE Refugee Forum and many other Refugee and non Refugee Community Networks alongside negotiation between Lobby Networks and the Nigerian Embassy Officials seems to have yielded nothing but a more secretive and intensive involvement of the Nigerian Embassy in this Collaboration which has been criticized as Colonial, a form of racist elimination and a continuous portrayal of the German Culture of dominance with a show of Refugee countries as backward.
It is in this vain that The VOICE Refugee Forum on behalf of Refugees and Migrant communities, Antiracist Networks, interested individuals and many other Community Networks of the Oppressed are demanding in First Instance:

• Immediate cancellation of the Forthcoming deportation Hearing of 18-22 June in Münich.

The repercussion of undertaking the such deportation hearing will provoke an indefinite occupation of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin.

Further more, we are calling on the Nigerian Governments withdrawal of any form of deportation agreement with Germany and Frontex (i.e) the January 2012 Warsaw agreement between Nigeria and Frontex.

Enough is Enough

At this end, we are hereby calling on Ambassador Abdul Usman Abubakar to adhere to this demand otherwise the scandal would escalate beyond just an indefinite Occupation the Nigerian Embassy in Germany.

Rex Osa


The VOICE Refugee Forum
Tel: 017627873832

Dt] Video on Police Brutality and Refugee Protest Camp Solidarity with the Nigerian Embassy Occupation in Berlin

Video über rassistische Misshandlung im Berliner Polizeigewahrsam - Besetzten Aktivist_Innen die nigerianische Botschaft

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Video on racist police brutality after the occupation of nigerian embassy on October 15, 2012 with different refugee activists in english, farsi, and german.

Am 15. Oktober besetzten Aktivist_Innen die nigerianische Botschaft in Berlin. 25 Personen wurden festgenommen. Nach ihrer Freilassung berichten sie von teils schweren Misshandlungen, Bedrohungen, erniedrigender Behandlung und rassistischen Beleidigungen durch Polizeibeamte. In dem Video sprechen sie über ihre Erlebnisse.

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Report on the Protest Rally and Demonstration from the Action days which took place on the 9th to 11th of May against the Nigerian Embassy Collaboration in Berlin, Germany that was coordinated by The VOICE Refugee Forum in Stuttgart.

On the 10th of May 2012 in Berlin more than 120 Refugees and non Refugee Activists stormed the premises of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin as they protest the corrupt collaboratory role which they identified as Colonial. The Transparent that took the order of the day stated “Deportation is Colonial Persecution“ The Oppressed are bent on taking back Power.
Warning Letter to Nigerian President G.E.Jonathan to stop the Fortcoming Nigerian Deportation Hearing of 18-22 June, 2012 in Munich

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