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BREAK ISOLATION and Solidarity Act in Jena // Financial call out for solidarity and documentation

Break Isolation Action in Thüringen
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The VOICE Jena: Polizei kriminalisiert Treffen in Thüringer Flüchtlingsheimen und belagert das Grünowski

The VOICE Jena: Police Repressive criminalization of BREAK ISOLATION Solidarity Act meetings in Thurigian Refugee Lagers

Break Isolation Solidarity Act in Wolfsburg - “Genug ist genug” – Flüchtlinge in Wolfsburg erheben ihre Stimme

Refugees Liberation Bus Tour - Starts in Karlsruhe: 26-28.4. April till 08.June 2013 in Baden Württemberg and Schwaben Bayern

Liberation Bus Tour 27.04.2013 Karlsruhe
On the Move! “Break Isolation Strike”

BREAK ISOLATION and Solidarity Act in Jena

Break Isolation Campaign :

Financial call out for solidarity and documentation

BREAK ISOLATION Conference and Solidarity Act 2013 – Input by The VOICE Refugee Forum

Monday, 22nd of April - Visit to Greiz (Thueringen):
Time: 16:00h - Meeting at Refugee Camp in Greiz (Reichenbacher Str. 203, 07973 Greiz)
Startup from Jena, Schillergaesschen 5, (Grünowski) at 14:00h

Tuesday, 23rd of April – Network Facilitation:
Time: 11.00h - in Schillergaesschen 5, Jena, (Thueringen)
Meeting of Refugee Community – networking for Roma and Afganistan in Thueringen
With Roma and Afghan activists from Goettingen and Bremen

Wednesday, 24th of April - Visit to Gerstungen (Thueringen):
Time: 14:00h - Meeting at Refugee Camp in Gerstungen (Am Berg 1, 99834 Gerstungen)
Startup from Jena, Schillergaesschen 5, (Grünowski) at 11:00h

Thursday, 25th of April - Residenzpflicht Protest:
Day of federal decision about possible abolition of Residenzpflicht in Thueringen
Time: 9:00h - in front of the Thueringen Parliament in Erfurt
Startup from Jena, Schillergaesschen 5, (Grünowski) at 8:00h

Friday 26th of April - Solidarity Act for Baden-Württemberg Break Isolation Strike:
Refugee Liberation Bus Tour starts in Karlsruhe on the 26th of April till 08th of June ending in Stuttgart - Protesting food package discrimination, Lager, Residenzpflicht and Deportation prison in Baden Württemberg as well as Lagers in Bayern

Sat 27th “Enough is Enough!” - Demonstration within the break isolation campaign:
If bus is possible straight move on from Baden-Württemberg…
DEMONSTRATION: Community of Refugees Wolfsburg „Enough is Enough!“
Start: 11:30h Main Station Wolfsburg">Baden-Württemberg and Schwaben Bayern from 26th of April in Karlsruhe

Roma Day and BREAK ISOLATION Solidarity Act on April 8th in Eisenberg and Jena (Thuringia)

Fundraising for nationwide refugee mobilization and transportation to the break isolation events in Germany

On the Move! “Break Isolation Strike”
Refugee Demonstration and liberation Bus Tour 2013

Financial call out for solidarity and documentation:

Stay in solidarity action with the refugee communities and Make your Donation now!

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Fluechtlinge und Asyl Deutschland

The work of The VOICE Refugee network is far from being finished. Donating to the The VOICE Refugee Forum you help to make sure that we can continue uninterruptedly with our demands and our efforts to protect and defend ourselves and to fight for civil rights and human rights in the New Year.

The Break Isolation Campaign and the International Refugee Tribunal platform will be strengthened by the refugee voices of solidarity and resistance in Germany

We are strengthening our nationwide Refugee Network from our regional engagements with activists who are politically self-organized in the refugees' communities, for information sharing and the mechanism for communities to talk to each other and to unite our shared (yes!) voice on issues of common concern. Community volunteers will take coordination of the planning of the network. newsletter from the regional events: activities and reports on Refugee communities will be documented.

We will be using the medium of the Refugee Tribunal platform to protect the interest of the minorities, who may look different racially and politically in this systematic chaos of inequality.

We stay in action and solidarity with the struggles of the refugee communities in lagers and for the exchange of campaign experiences in lagers.

You are strongly invited to join our online media network and photo exchange

The collections of refugee community photos and profiles of refugee political participations and strikes in Germany will be selected at the end of the year for the Break Isolation campaign 2014.

Media activism, translation of the refugee countries' languages, documentation and transportation cost and information events will be helpful for our network.

Make your financial contribution!
Donation / Für Spende:
Account / Konto: Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Kontonummer 127829, BLZ: 260 500 01
BAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29, BIC: NOLADE21GOE
Kontakt E-mail: foerderverein_the_voice@)

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Schillergäßchen 5, 07745 Jena
Tel.: 0176-24568988

Basic Information about: The Voice Refugee Forum Germany

What does The VOICE continuously stand for?

Reclaim the Agenda - Break isolation of refugees from the lager:
The VOICE Refugee Forum:

Jena / Thüringen – Berlin – Niedersachsen – Baden-Württemberg – Sachsen-Anhalt
founded 1994 in the Refugee Isolation Camp Mühlhausen /Thüringen
Member in the CARAVAN for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants Network
Break the isolation of refugees:
Years of experience in the struggle against social exclusion of refugees in isolation camps – numerous campaigns and successful closure of refugee isolation camps in Germany

Fight against deportation:
Publicity – campaigns for single persons – support of single persons – campaign against the collaboration of embassies in deportation hearings – scandalizing of deportation as racism and human rights' abuse

Fight for abolition of residential obligation (Residenzpflicht):
Campaigns – demonstrations – civil disobedience - legal struggles

Awareness campaigns:
Racism – exclusion – discrimination - Apartheid – isolation – colonialism – colonial injustice – criminalization – persecution of refugees in their home countries and here in Germany

Public Political Protest:
rallies, tours, demonstration, internet activism
self organization of refugees:
meetings for networking - lager delegations – press work – support of refugees in their struggles for their rights – community exchange – online network news – support of infrastructure and means of communication

Advocate and support of self organization Germany-wide: Thüringen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Niedersachsen, Bayern ...

Help to overcome social isolation with personal support and delegations to refugee lagers

Make your financial contribution!
Donation / Für Spende:
Account / Konto:
Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Kontonummer 127829
BLZ: 260 500 01
BAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29,

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Schillergäßchen 5, 07745 Jena
Tel.: 0176-24568988