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2014 Agenda: Make a Donation to Assist The VOICE - Open Refugee Community Meetings in Jena / Thüringen

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We, the activists of The VOICE Refugee Jena, have the interest to invite activists to participate in our "Open Meetings" in Jena, Schillergäßchen 5

20 Years of Refugee Resistance in Germany, 1994 - 2014

In 20 years active resistance of The VOICE Refugee Forum (Germany) we have experienced that self-organized solidarity in unity is the wining key to the struggle of the oppressed people: It is our aim to fight to ending fear and insecurity of being a refugee here. Substantial part of this has
always been the fight to abolish the so called ,,Residenzpflicht" in Germany, to break the isolation of refugees and to close the lagers. Since 1996 we have closed down more than one quarter of isolated lagers for normal housing in cities of Thüringen. Many more refugees could fight to
stop their deportation, leading to Nationwide Deportation stop campaign and international Network against Deportation. As a result of continuous racist police controls and police violence it has become our slogan to "control the police" and to fight colonial injustice in our aim. We are
calling on you to share your inspiration with us.

Together, we are inspired to continue our struggles to expose the injustice of the nations where making wars and exploitation are priorities that play an important role in making people flee and migrate. We are stigmatized on arrival here and condemned to be the enemies of the inner
and outer borders of Europe without end as we are devoid of the freedom to live a life with human dignity:

We are discussing to identify our problems and inform ourselves with the other refugees ... encourage meetings in the areas ... that the peoplediscuss themselves ... what more can we do to unite together in the lagers as to strengthen our co-operations and solidarity in Germany.

Fight to end fear and insecurity of being a refugee here!

Our topics:

"20 years of struggle": The organization "The Voice Refugee Forum" and its fight against the injustice
March for Freedom "Strasbourg – Brussels"
The Struggle of the Roma in Thüringen
Community activitism and community protest against Dublin Treaty, isolation lagers, deportation, police brutality
Self-organization and empowerment from different lagers..
Why a Refugee and why are we here: Colonial Wars, Destruction, Occupation and Exploitations in the Refugees' countries in Africa and Middle in East
Unconditional Freedom of Movement

Solidarity is the key to our success - for normal housing and residence!

No Deportation, No Return!

Freedom of movement is the power of "the movement"

Our Mission, Vision and Values: To live a free life with Human Dignity

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Tel: 015237278881 (Mahmoud Yassine)

More information:

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The VOICE Refugee Forum - Workshops und Seminare zu Flüchtlingskämpfen

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Seminars on Refugee Struggle in Thueringen:

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