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Join the rally in front of the Aliens Office (ABH) on the 4th September 2014 at 14:00 Hour at Richard-Sorge-Straße.

Miloud is an Algerian Asylum Seeker that lives with his family since 2009 in Germany. He is an Activist for the rights of refugees and Migrants with the Voice Refugee Forum. He has been successfully fighting for the closure of the Zella-Mehlis isolation camp, the residence obligation and deportation of his family in the past years. Since 2012, Miloud studies in TU Ilmenau and he will continue his Study in Jena FSU starting from next October (Winter Semester).

Because he is an Asylum seeker, he has to get the permission of Aliens Office in Jena, which means that ABH (Ausländerbehörde) Jena has to allow him, his wife and his son to reside in Jena. But even though Miloud has got the admission from Jena University to study and already applied for residency-change to Jena six weeks ago, the ABH did NOT grant permission for him and his family to reside in Jena! In direct conversations, they stated that they're not very willing to permit him the move. In their understanding, he could travel day-by-day from Meiningen to Jena and back, having a family with a few months-old son. Furthermore, they'd be forced to keep on living in an outskirt area of Meiningen, picked by the local ABH, where racist and neo-fascist assaults aren't rare.

After first public criticism against the Jena ABH, they replied that it is vacation time and they can't work on his application until the end of September – knowing that the semester starts just a week after and the housing market in Jena is a disaster.

Winter Semester countdown … 4 weeks from Now.

Because he is an asylum seeker, Miloud is denied one of the basic human rights, the right to change his residency and to pursue a normal life where he can join his University and protect his family! It would have been different for any citizen. Miloud is discriminated! This is not new for such institutions, which are only created to execute unequal treatment of people. Just a few weeks ago, the Jena ABH showed their determination to deport a Roma family back to Serbia overnight, back to a life without perspectives and security. Only by mobilizing hundreds of activists for a night-blockade of the refugee camp, the deportation could be stopped for that moment. Many are affected by this exclusive policy – but only few rise up.

Show YOUR Solidarity with Miloud and his family and that YOU do NOT accept this institutional discrimination! Join the rally in front of the Aliens Office (ABH) on the 4th September 2014 at 14:00 at Richard-Sorge-Straße.

Do Not Be Left Behind!

Miloud Lahmar Cherif
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