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Program: Refugee Black Box _ 27-29.01.2017 in Jena


Break deportation – Bring down the deportation regime:

Prepare-Tainment Agenda

1st Part of Discussions and Workshops - Presenting the concept of the Refugee Black Box and Testimonies:

"If you've come to help me, you're wasting your time. But if you've come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." by Lila Watson, Aboriginal educator and activist, Australia.

Who supports or Helps whom? Concrete solidarity is a way of life – beyond political helpers' activism. Our community is our defence: Political self-organization without the perspectives of the community of the affected often result to slogans to entertain the main stream media only, without continuity. The community makes the difference, use it. It is worldwide solidarity!

Prepare-Tainment Agenda
Addresses and Places of Events: (Jena 07743), See Time and Topics in Program.
Discussions, Exhibition and Concerts in Haus auf der Mauer, Johannisplatz 26, Café Wagner, Wagnergasse 26, University of Jena, Carl-Zeiss 3.

Break the Deportation DNA Chain: "Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted" - Beyond the Court rooms!

13: 00 Arrival: Snacks, Coffee
14:00 Information Exchange on Political Asylum and Residence
16:00 Presentation and opening of the exhibition "We Will Rise" and discussion | Hörsaal 5 (Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3)

18:00 Collective Welcome-Meal | Haus auf der Mauer

The Elements of Persecution and Crimes of Deportation originally published in 2014

Opening Discussions & Inputs on „Refugee Black Box“ and Testimonies
20:00 Community-meeting and discussions with Anti-deportation-activists: Results of the afternoon workshops | Haus auf der Mauer

10:00 – 14:00: Struggles against deportation and social exclusion: Community-Meeting & Workshops from anti-deportation activists | Haus auf der Mauer
15:00 Demonstration in the City-Center - "Parade of the irrepressible
voices: Break the culture of deportation! For an unconditional right to
stay!" | Meeting point: Johannisplatz / Haus auf der Mauer

16:00 Collective Meal

Open discussion on the results of the workshops
18:00 Podium-discussion: Re-counting our experiences | Cafe Wagner
21:00 till end: Concert and Party | Cafe Wagner

10:00 - 15:00 Brunch, Continuation of the Discussions, Discussion on Perspectives | Haus auf der Mauer

[Testimony] The symbol of the Refugee Black Box: Break the silence, break deportation by Regina Mauricia Kiwanuka

Permanent program till 3rd of February: Photo Exhibition of the Refugee Community Strike protest “We will Rise” by the Oplatz Refugee Movement
Contents of Program and Workshops:

Workshops could take place separately in refugee community-meetings & workshops from anti-deportation activists

Friday, 14:00 Information Exchange on political asylum and residence

Discussion and Workshops on political asylum and residence: Solidarity, Self-Organization and Community structures.

Friday from 18:00 Opening Discussion & Workshops on inputs on „Refugee Black Box“ and Testimonies

The BLACK BOX is an attempt to re-define our struggles and resistance as we go forward in strengthening the grassroots perspectives for concrete solidarity with the oppressed and against the oppressors. Refugee Black Box actions are planned to expose the ignorance of the society on the abuses and crimes of deportation regimes and to make the colonial injustices of the system visible.

Like in a tribunal, it is about charging the system and giving a platform to the afflicted to bring their own charges to public awareness. "Our main focus of discussion will be breaking the deportation chain from within; with discussions on strategies of Break Deportation Acts: Our historical backgrounds and past political struggles against deportation and social exclusion will be the guide to our continued engagement for justice and human dignity."

Friday, 20:00 Open discussion
Results of the afternoon workshops
Videos on self-organized struggles of refugees in Germany and Beyond

Saturday 10:00 Struggles against deportation and social exclusion in Germany

On refugee struggles and campaigns against the deportation cultures of the German -European racist nationalism and against social exclusion in Germany.
How we fight against the abuse and violation of our rights, the corruption of the deportation system, societal ignorance including German elites and politicians vis-à-vis human dignity and freedom of movement

Topics to be reflected:
What is connected to deportation and why? - Do you have any experience of deportation? What was the biggest pain or crime you felt? Where are the roots of deportation? Which forms of oppression you feel are there to prepare and execute deportation? Who are the ones profiting from the deportation? - Who are the accomplices of the deportation? What is the reason or intention of deportation? - How does deportation undermine the natural right of any human being? - What are our natural right? - Who has any natural right for living in this world? and basically to whom does this world belong to? - Why do you have to leave your country? How is the departure from your home, the place you were born and lived connected to deportation back to the same place?

Saturday, 15:00 Demonstration in the City-Center - "Parade of the irrepressible

With an officially registered demonstration, we will make a small turn in the city-center of Jena. We are going to make our resistance against the german deportation regime visible and we will give voice to one of our main topics: We are fighting for an unconditional right to stay for everyone! Stop deportation now!
The idea of the „parade“: We will take it to the streets as a powerful, creative and colorful demonstration with music, dancing, shouting, performance interventions, samba-percussion and more. Our voices are irrepressible: Break the culture of deportation!
Meeting point: 15:00 at Johannisplatz (Haus auf der Mauer).

Saturday, 18:00 Podium-discussion: Re-counting our experiences with contribution of non refugees
How do we work together? How do we build our communities? What is new and what do we expect in the continuity of our struggles against deportation with the refugees, for the refugees and by the refugees – Analysing our self-critical evaluation, strategies and contributions on the way forward.

Saturday, 20:00 Cultural Program and Solidarity Live Concerts in Café Wagner , Wagnergasse 26 07743 Jena .

– Schwabinggrad Ballett together with the performance group Arrivatiwho call themselves „autonomous collective of refugees and People of Colour“, from Hamburg.

– System D „a crossing borders musical experience, challenging the oppression, political situation, borders control: Reggae is not dead.“ (Leipzig)

Sunday 10:00 Resumé
Conclusions, results and perspectives: No compromise with deportation
Next nationwide events and planned actions of the Refugee Black Box Agenda and activities of the refugee communities.

[Testimony] The symbol of the Refugee Black Box: Break the silence, break deportation by Regina Mauricia Kiwanuka
Black Box Event! WE WILL RISE كُلّﻪ ما تَمامْ in Jena: Refugee Community Struggles Photo Exhibition on Freitag, 27.01.17

Break the Deportation DNA Chain: "Refugee Black Box – The irrepressible voice and power of the afflicted" - Beyond the Court rooms!

Break the Deportation DNA Chain: "Refugee Black Box – die ununterdrückbare Stimme und Kraft der Gequälten"- Jenseits der Gerichtssäle!

Briser la chaîne ADN des expulsions : "Refugee Black Box - La voix irrépressible et le pouvoir des affligés" - Au-delà de la salle d’audience!

Anuncio oficial: Romper la cadena de ADN de expulsión: "La Caja Negra de los Refugiados - la voz incontenible y la fuerza de los torturados" - Más allá de las salas de audiencia!

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