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Call for Demonstration in Bitterfeld-Wolfen - Come along! Together we will be loud!

The Ausländerbehörde of Bitterfeld ignores our demands,
that's why we take them to the street in the end of April.
Come along! Together we will be loud!
When? Tuesday, April 25, starting at 2 pm
Where? Bahnhofstraße 1, 06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

We from the Refugee Community Bitterfeld sent an open letter to the responsible authorities in January 2023 and demanded a meeting to bring forward our mistreatment and discrimination. This was simply ignored.
Since our arrival as asylum seekers, we have not been taken seriously. Our lives have been considered worth nothing. We have been silenced for too long, now it is time for us to make our voices heard.

That is why we are calling on the Social and Immigration Office to address our demands, otherwise we will be forced to take further action until our demands are met. We insist on justice and equal rights for all.
Duldung Light is: humiliation, precarization, repression, Isolation, fear and deportation.

These are our demands:
• The immediate legalization of us living in Anhalt-Bitterfeld and everywhere.
• Freedom to live and work anywhere in Germany (Abolition of the residence obligation).
• Education and vocational training places for us and our children.
• Work permits for all who want to work.
• Health insurance for all, without exception.
• Respect for the human dignity.
All together we can defend ourselves against this racist authority.
Get mobilized!
We are deeply committed to fight for what is our right. No one is illegal!
Right to stay everywhere!
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