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Mirror the refugee struggles - Observed and the Observer

Original Abstract Digital Art: of Emotan Arts (2022) by Osaren Igbinoba.


Radio Podcast on Rebootfm: Commemorating 28 years of the VOICE‘s existence - Our Lessons and NARRATIVES about the “State-of-the-art” of the Refugees and Migrants refugee movement in Germany: Part I

Do you know the VOICE Refugee Forum and "The Struggle for Political Self-determined Organisation"? if not, here is the opportunity

Radio Podcast: With activists from The VOICE on Reboot FM 88.4 MHz in Berlin & 90.7 MHz in Potsdam:

Reflections and Analysis on the Work of The VOICE Refugee Forum with Mbolo Yufanyi, Mai Zeidani Yufanyi, Sunny Omwenyeke and Osaren Igbinoba.

Mirror the refugee struggles - Observed and Obsever.

Original Abstract Digital Art of: Emotan Arts (2022) by Osaren Igbinoba.

"If the grassroots political struggle for the self-organisation of the oppressed is not able to strengthen the self-determination of the oppressed community in terms of full political autonomy and independence, these political spaces of the communities often become the place of political socialisation of the oppressors, instead of the resistance"

This artwork was first published in The VOICE Group in January 2022 under the title "The Similarity in Knowledge – the Observed and the Observer". It was created on the way back from Hamburg to Jena and after the discussions with friends and activists in Hamburg about White Supremacy, which inspired me to create my first abstract digital artwork dedicated to the political activism of The VOICE after its 25th anniversary.

25 Years Anniversary of “The VOICE” Refugee Forum (2019)

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