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Make Donation to support the Refugee Community in the lagers/camps in Germany! - Break the Isolation! Close all lagers!

[Break Isolation]
Refugee Community in Zella-Mehlis demand for the right to live a free life in Germany
Thüringer Ausländerbeauftragte und The VOICE Jena- Radio Lotte interview zum FLüchtlingslager Zella-Mehlis
24. Marz Demonstration in Meiningen: Break the racist isolation of the refugees - Close the Lager Camp in Zella-Mehlis Now!
Die Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg veranstaltet eine Kundgebung am 22.03. 2011, 14Uhr
*Refugee Conference in Stuggart - Statement on Refugee Self Organization in Lagers by Rex Osa “Refugees have a Voice”

Break Isolation Netzwerk - Kampagne gegen alltäglichen Rassismus und Diskriminierung in Thüringen

DEUTSCH: Aufruf zur Spende für die Flüchtlingscommunitys in den Lagern: Brecht die Isolation! Alle Lager schließen!
Make Donation for the Refugee Community in the lagers/camps in Germnay! - Break the Isolation! Close all Lagers!
We are breaking the silence against the isolation of refugees.
In Solidarity with the refugees our struggles continues - and so does our work!

Dear friends and supporters,

We want to thank you once more for the various support you gave to our Caravan-Festival in Jena, which was a great inspiration for many refugees. It was an important result of the festival that we could intensify our struggle against the system of isolation camps in Germany.

We intensively support the fight of the refugees in Gerstungen, Breitenworbis, Gangloffsömmern, Zella-Mehlis in Thuüringen against isolation and deportation. Many interviews and films with people from the camp as well as reports and press articles were the result of many visits by activists and journalists. Also in other regions The VOICE activists are active against the conditions in refugee camps. Especially in Sachsen-Anhalt (Möhlau) and Baden-Württemberg (Biberach) refugees fight against social exclusion and isolation in camps. We have been informing you about our activities in various publications during the last months. These activities demand a great investment of time and financial ressources.

To be able to continue our struggle we continuously need your support.

Regular contact with the refugees in the camps and of the refugees within themselves is a very important aspect of our struggle. In the recent time, The VOICE activists, journalists and other interested persons and activists have regularly visited the isolation camp in Gerstungen. These visits to refugee camps are to be intensified in the near future. Especially networking of the refugees from different camps has an important meaning. We are planning delegations between different refugee camps for mutual support and documentation.

Refugee Delegation Tour to Bayern - Close all Refugee Lagers and Isolation Camps! Abolish the Lager Regime!!

To reach sustainable political impact we are working on a large documentation on the situation in the refugee camps in Thüringen (Gerstungen, Breitenworbis, Gangloffsömmern, Zella-Mehlis. Therefore we are planning press and online-reports as well as exhibitions in and about the camps and arts projects.
Especially we want to use the medium of video documentation which we find very appropriate for public relation. In the long run we will need technical equipment of good quality to realise effective, fast and money saving work.
An update of our brochure on „residenzpflicht“ which includes recent campaigns and developments will also be part of our documentation project.

Refugee Conference in Stuttgart - Statement on Refugee Self Organization in Lagers by Rex Osa “Refugees have a Voice”

Banga from Gerstungen
A main topic of the „Lager-Campaign“ turned out to be the support of Banga from Gerstungen who became blind in Germany as a result of police brutality and social exclusion. The videos and reports about him have raised a high level of public awareness. Nevertheless more support will be needed. We want to make sure that he gets the necessary legal defence and security by the help of a lawyer as well as basic medical and humanitarian support. (Video by Bing Banga ).

Deportation from Gerstungen
Part of the fight against isolation and lagersystem are the documentation and the prostest against deportations which are aimed at intimidating refugees and breaking their solidarity. Reza Memar Bashee, activist of the refugee community, and his wife and his two children were deported from Gerstungen by the police – at 3.30h in the night from 25th to 26th October 2010.. They were only informed at that very moment that they were about to be taken to Holland. Neither a lawyer, nor relatives or other supporters could be informed. The fight and the public protest against deportations have always been a main aim of The VOICE.

For a long time activist of The VOICE in Möhlau has been protesting the situation in the refugee camp in Möhlau. Now the authorities are planning the closure of the camp. We see this as the success of the struggle of the refugees.

For months the activists of The VOICE Baden-Württemberg have been organizing prostest agains food packages and the living conditions of refugees. The public work and the networking of the refugee camps in Baden-Württemberg afford a high level of mobility of our activists.

To realize our projects we depend on a good functioning infrastructure. Our organisation was donated two cars which are very important for our regular visits to remote refugee camps in Thüringen. For the maintainance of the cars we need regular and reliable income. In other regions, our activists still depend on public transport. For our main activists having a „Bahncard“ is therefore very important to make transport cheaper.

Open Meeting of the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants Network in Baden Wurttemberg from 04-05 February 2010

Office and infrastructure
At the moment, apart from the office of the „Förderverein“ in Göttingen (no costs), The VOICE Refugee Forum needs offices in Jena and in Berlin, which are to a great part financed by solidarity contributions but which cause nevertheless small costs for maintainance. It is also necessary to support our activists in Berlin, Jena, Möhlau and Baden-Württemberg with the payment of telephone and internet use. Communication via telephone and internet is fundamental for our work.

To continue our work effectively, it is very important that these basic structures are taken care of.
We therefore ask you to continue or start your support of our intensive activities – in order to make long term planning possible.

The system of slow destruction - a decade of Duldung in Gerstungen

The VOICE - Refugee Network Video Channel

We are also grateful for donation of materials as e.g. good computer or film equipment or surf sticks for refugee camps.

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„Unite against colonial injustice – close all lagers!“

Exchange on Organizing and Resistance in the Lagersmade during the Conference on colonial Injustice
held in Jena, from September 9 to 13, 2009

In solidarity

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