Meetings: Break Isolation - Refugee Summer Camp in 2012

The VOICE Refugee Forum Call: Break Isolation - Refugee Summer Camp, 2012

We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and to the future – Frederick Douglass

Break the Isolation - Refugee Summer Camp, 2012
From 23 August - 02 September 2012 in Thueringen, Germany.

From Thueringen/Germany we are calling on refugee activists to join us to organize together, the first refugee summer camp from 23 August to 02 September 2012. These 10 days working camp of actions and solidarity will feature discussions and exchange of experiences on various aspects of refugee lives in Germany. Refugee activists from concrete struggles across the country against the continued colonial injustice and the war on migration spearheaded by the hawks of Fortress Europe will be attending.

We are continuing to build on our struggle for self-empowerment and solidarity in Germany and we will be highlighting the intersection of our local and national issues with events at the international level including the devastating intervention of the West in our home countries.

We hope to reiterate our belief in the autonomy of our struggle for humanity, care, solidarity and justice with basic human decency that has increasingly become a premium and a rarity in the so-called ‘developed countries’. We expect this basic camp understanding to strengthen our political struggles for self-determination and further our resistance against the all forms of refugee isolation in Germany.

We will engage all refugee communities in Germany to continue to expose the abuse of refugees in this country and the hypocrisy that is the norm here. We want to continue to show that the era of silence over injustice and greed is over with the power of international solidarity in our communities, and to challenge all well meaning individuals and groups to stand up for justice and humanity by showing solidarity with refugee struggles here in Germany.

We know that not only do they want to oppress us, they also want to tell our story, but as long as we have our voices, we will speak for ourselves; about our past, what we are experiencing now and what we make of the future.

Contact: Osaren Igbinoba
Phone: +49 (0) 176 24568988

The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena
Schillergäßchen 5, 07745 Jena,

Updates On Preparation Dates of Events and Meetings:
Break Isolation - Refugee Summer Camp in 2012
From 23. August to 02. September 2012 in Thueringen.

Our call for a better society or revolution is a daily practice and not less

Our desire to stay consistent in our beliefs and to take a clear stand publicly against the injustice in our Neighbourhoods is more than seeing ourselves as victims and supporters in the struggles. Infact, the solution is ours.

We know all that we stand for to do the right things ourselves!

To expose the racism of the state authorities and the officials' fear for freedom to recognize the problems that we protest against in general, but much of our successes depend on the autonomy of our resistance and in our solidarity to overcome the injustice of the colonialists.

Refugee Summer Camp in 2012!

We want to build a new era of nation-wide refugee community network of activists to inform ourselves beyond the struggles of refugees in their isolation camps (lagers) as we are inviting activists to participate in the break isolation refugee camp of international solidarity in our communities

From Thueringen/Germany we are calling on refugee activists to join us and to organize together the first refugee summer camp from 23. August to 02. September 2012.

10 days of solidarity exchange of experiences will be gathered from the concrete struggle against the colonial injustice and war on migration control that are cast into racist laws and instruments of exclusion.

The gathering will be act of disobedience against apartheid laws like Residenzpflicht, against lagers and Isolation camps and deportation.

One Control is Enough - Touch one touch all!

A Hungry man is an Angry man - 500 hundred years of exploitation is enough - We are hungry for Justice!!!

"It is not how long it takes us to set the revolution but it is how long we can continue to stay in the struggle to reach our demands - The Revolution is ours!" Osaren Igbinoba, The VOICE Refugee Forum.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi quotation

We will unite to inform, organize and mobilize against the global apartheid of colonial injustice of Germany and Europe

Termine: Break Isolation – Flüchtlings-Sommercamp 2012

Updates On Preparation Dates of Events and Meetings:

Nationwide Meeting of the CARAVAN for the rights of refugees and migrants in Wüppertal, 31.March/1.April 20012

Open Meeting of The VOICE Refugee Forum
14/15.April 20012 in Jena
Jena: Open invitation to The VOICE Refugee Forum Conference in 2012

Meeting in Rome, 29 April 2012
Let us raise our own voices, issues and strengthen our solidarity in Europe
You are cordially invited to actively participate in the Launching of the International Migrants' Alliance (IMA) Europe Section in Rome, Italy on 29 April 2012.

We shall organize and expand our ranks, our advocates and friends, and we shall define our issues, campaigns and mobilizations!
We shall confront issues concerning our rights and welfare and we shall act decisively to stop the criminalization and deportation of the undocumented among our ranks!

For further information, please contact:
MIGRANTE Europe (Secretariat)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Preparation Meetings of Action days against Embassy deportation collaboration on the 9th to 11th of May in Berlin in Germany, 09.May in Berlin

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Break the Racist Isolation of Refugees and support our Resistance!

Show solidarity with our resistance against state racist persecution!

Since 1994, we have accomplished much in our active struggle through empowering grassroots resources of refugee self organization in the struggle for freedom, justice and human dignity in Germany. We believe the only way to fight against the state persecution of refugees in Europe, led by the German government, is to self-organise ourselves and expose the deplorable, miserable and inhuman treatment we are subjected to by individually and collectively speaking about our daily experiences here in Germany and resisting the oppression.

The VOICE Refugee Forum has consistently remained a unique ressource in refugee efforts to strengthen the autonomous structure of the oppressed through sustainable community network of refugees and non-refugee volunteers and activists, who have been inspired by our irrepressible commitment to our daily work and struggle against institutionalized discrimination and societal racism at all levels. The VOICE Refugee Forum has led much of the support in the refugee communities through our consistent role as committed activists and at the same time, promoting grassroots empowerment with vast representation of diverse voices of self organized community structures, to advocate for the respect of our human rights and human dignity in Germany. . . . . .continue >>

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