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Oury Jalloh - Family Campaign in Dessau 2007

Oury Jalloh - Family Campaign in Dessau

-African Community Conference in Dessau (06.01.2007)
Programm - African Community Conference in Dessau, 06.01.2007.

FR online: Feuertod des Asylbewerbers bleibt ungeklärt


Invitation to all activists, friends and families of victims of police violence and murder

In remembrance of the second anniversary of the death of Oury Jalloh, who was murdered while tied at his hands and feet in a police cell in Dessau.

Please receive our warmest greetings in the name of The Voice Refugee Forum, the Refugee Initiative Brandenburg (FIB), Initiative Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland (ISD) and the African Refugee Initiative in Dessau.

As co-organizers of the Africa Conference_Dessau on "Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation of Africans and Black in Germany" to be held in the city of Dessau on the 6th of January, 2007, we would like to extend you our warmest invitation to participate in this conference, in which we will focus on the issue of networking activists, friends and families victims of police violence, among other topics. Additionally, on Sunday the 7th of January, Oury Jalloh Initiatives are coordinating demonstrations to take place in Dessau and Berlin in remembrance of the second anniversary of the death of Oury Jalloh.

In order to comemorate the brutal death of Oury Jalloh, the African community in Dessau in collaboration with nationwide initiatives of Oury Jalloh in Germany are calling on all Africans and well wishers to use this day in remembrace of other Afrcans and blacks who died in the racist hands of this country. Let us put in mind our departed brothers and sisters; Dominique Kouamadio (Dortmund), Laye-Alama Condé (Bremen), John Achidi (Hamburg), N'deye Mareame Sarr (Aschaffenburg), Amir Ageeb (München), Kola Bankole (Frankfurt), Alberto Adriano (Dessau) and Amadeo Antoneo.

“Oury Jalloh was not alone. He was one of the many refugees who have died because they were forced to flee in search of a better life. Of something to eat and maybe even - ---Oury Jalloh was only 21 years-old---the possibility to study. For some reason we fail to understand, this is considered by many European governments and their citizens to be a crime.
And thus, refugees seeking protection are treated as mere criminals, and like people criminalized by society, their rights and dignity are taken away from them. Refugees are people for whom opportunity and respect remain foreign words lacking any kind of real meaning in their lives.
Especially here. Especially in Germany, where we are isolated and excluded from society” .. ….at the Oury Jalloh Funeral speech in 2005 of the Plataforma – Berlin.

Unfortunately, we are confronted with the sad reality that very few people in this society are interested in our pain, and thus do not have the burning need to see that truth and justice are done. But neither can we do it alone. We therefore deeply need one another, to share our loss and our experiences, to strengthen one another in our basic necessities of fulfilling our demands. If we cannot do this for ourselves nobody will do it for us.

Without each other, we are alone and vulnerable.

We extend you our hands and hearts, hoping that we can take this opportunity to join together in both our pain and our need to see that there are no more unnecessary deaths like those of Oury, Dominique, Laye, Achide and many, many others. This disrespect of human life must have an end, but only we in the situation are in conditions at the moment to make this clear to the society.

We will meet to discuss the struggle and support against racist police killings and against every form of criminalition of the Africans in Germany

To realize the demands of the African community Conference_Dessau

For justice and Dignity;

1. We want a speedy case procedure of the death of Oury Jalloh
2. Call for the stop of police brutality
3. Call for the protection of Africans like any other individual living in Dessau
4. Call for the right of residence to those Africans who have been refused their rights

For the necessary critical precision, transparency and consequences —
resolute public pressure is needed NOW!

Hoping to receive a positive response, we remain yours in solidarity.


In Solidarity we Remain

The VOICE Refugee Forum; Handy 0049 (0) 176 24568988,,

Information on: Eevents on Police Brutality in Hamburg; Dortmund and Dessau:

FR online: Feuertod des Asylbewerbers bleibt ungeklärt

Ermordung von Bruder Achidi 5 Jahre später: Gedenkveranstaltung am 9. Dezember 2006, 19:00 Uhr

-African Community Conference in Dessau (06.01.2007)

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