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Appeal for Refugee Community Network from Konradsreuth – Bayern

Please join us for a life decided by our own will for freedom, equality and human dignity.

Appeal for Refugee Community Network from Konradsreuth – Bayern

To all Refugees in Konradsreuth and Hof Districts

For about 2 years now in Frauenhof, we refugees from Ukrain and Cheychenia have been living together as family community in Konradsreuth with the status of asylum applicant refugees. We support one another through social cultural exchange in our daily relationship.

Since then, many more refugees have been transferred here to live in the village of Konradsreuth and in other districts of Hof, therefore we think it is time to widen our network and community.

It is our belief in human dignity that motivates us to propose an active and independent platform of refugee community to advance our unity for fundamental human rights, for freedom and for the well-being of refugees.

We are opportune and now have the possibility to become active in the refugee community network of The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany. With this appeal we want to inform you of our proposal to initiate section of this refugee network in Konradsreuth as we call for your support.

We want to appeal to other refugees to join us in solidarity by organizing regular meetings and discussions here in Konradsreuth and also in other villages or districts in Bayern on better understanding of our precarious situation, and people who are not yet accepted with the right to permanent residence in Germany, European Union.

Our primary aims and objectives are to unite in solidarity with one another without any form of discrimination, racism and sexism in the refugee community, to promote Socio - cultural and political exchange through regular meetings and discussions on the situation in our home countries and the situation we live here in Germany by organizing related events and activities in Konradsreuth and beyond.

We strongly believe that in solidarity with one another, we can overcome the societal and institutional obstacles to improve the difficult situation of being a refugee in Germany. That means: How can we live without oppression and how can we be motivated to strengthen our self-determination and promote our human values for freedom and equality? How do we engage in the struggle for our rights to association, education, work, secure residence without deportation threats and deportation, and against being a victim of any form of insecurity while we continue to live here?

Please join us for a life decided by our own will for freedom, equality and human dignity.

We do know that our solidarity with and amongst refugees will remain the only lasting solution to reclaiming our dignity even as refugees through our self-organisation to break the isolation, discrimination and the policies of exclusion in Germany, Europe.

We want to invite you refugees to the first preparation meeting this year to a growing refugee community with refugees and delegates from all the refugee homes and camps in Konradsreuth.

Spread Our Appeal to the Refugee Communities and other refugees!

Contact and Coordination of the proposed Refugee Initiative in Konradsreuth

Louis Oseloka Abutu, Konradsreuth, Tel.: 0049 (0) 152 11640209
(Anti-Racist African Community activist and a Deserter from Ukraine),

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Appeal for Refugee Community Network from Konradsreuth – Bayern


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