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We remember the refugee protest on 19.11.2020 in Saalfeld against deportation

Foto: The hidden face of White Supremacy

We do not forget the refugee protest in Saalfeld against deportation

We remember the refugee protest on 19.11.2020 in Saalfeld against deportation

The goal of deportation is annihilation and destruction:

We would like to express our perception about the socio-political injustice towards refugees and migrants in our struggles in Thueringen.

According to sister Warsan Shire we quote, "No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark."

This discussion is organized by the African refugees and migrants activists living in Thueringen, we are activists of the RefugeeBlackBox coordinated from Jena with the network of The VOICE Refugee Forum Germany.

We, the refugees and migrants, came to Germany for a reason: We have experienced struggles and conflicts, and we have the same potential to defy the odds and to achieve greatness.

Refugees are not terrorists. Refugees are often the first victims of terrorism and the proxy wars of imperialist colonialism in the refugees' home countries and beyond the borders of the refugee countries. Refugees have the perseverance and ability to contribute to the growth and development of all human endeavours, culture, social justice, politics and economics wherever they are in the world as human beings, including here in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Protest the racist culture of German white supremacy

We are right!
Whitesupremacy is a global structure of control and oppression, it is a continuity and cannot be compared to other forms of oppression. Know who and where you are.

We believe that the goal of deportation is annihilation and destruction. We must stand united against the deportation culture because it fuels hatred, which advocates violence to reinforce people's beliefs or to justify this violence against refugees and migrants.

However, racism towards refugees or immigrants, especially the discrimination of people of color, should be abrogated. We believe that all people are equal in their rights irrespective of where we come from - North, West, East, South – and regardless of our religion, values, beliefs and race - young, old, gay, straight, men or women.

We, as an African community, are protesting the racist culture of German white supremacy. We should all be treated equally and we should have the same opportunity to have access to the riches of the world as those who have taken our riches, without asking, to increase their own: Why are the people from Europe now afraid to share what is not theirs?

We feel humiliated to read the letters by the German citizens to the editor in the local OTZ of 8.12.2020 about our refugee protest and the demonstration against deportation in Saalfeld on 19.11.2020 we are upset.
In racist assumptions, they accuse all refugees of coming to Germany only to "immigrate into their social system", as if our only goal is to take away what they have "worked hard for generations": apartments, houses, cars...

No, we are not interested in living on other people's good without our own labor. No, we have not come to steal the wealth that generations of Germans have generated. No. It is the other way round: their wealth is based on the goods that generations of their ancestors have stolen from our continent and exploited for generations of our people who died as slaves and live on endlessly. Instead, we look to where our stolen resources were taken.

Both, the racist attitude of the so called people on the street towards us as well as the ignorance of some media, especially shown in the MDR-report on the refugee demonstration against Deportation on 19.11.2020 Saalfeld that denied our presence as organizers and experts of our own situation, dehumanize and humiliate us.

The dehumanization and humiliation of refugees and migrants leads to destruction and annihilation through deportation: the goal of deportation is the colonial continuation of the annihilation and destruction of our lives, rights and existence.

That is why we should stand together to fight against deportation and colonial injustice, discrimination and racism. We call on refugees and migrants to join us and participate, no matter where they live.

Day X Protest Against White Supremacy and Against Deportation
The Black Box Refugees Solidarity - is a political initiative launched by The VOICE Refugee Forum within the Caravan Network for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants in Germany to inform and protect the interests of refugees. We strive to strengthen the refugees' self-confidence and raise their awareness of the chains of physical and psychological oppression in order to strengthen our self-organized struggles to overcome the oppression and injustice that refugees suffer from white supremacy

Refugees Cannot Trust the Media - MDR on Refugee Demonstration in Saalfeld
Flüchtlinge können den Medien nicht trauen – Der MDR - Bericht zu der Flüchtlingsdemonstration in Saalfeld

German | English | Pressemitteilung und Einladung von "The VOICE": Demonstration gegen Abschiebung in Saalfeld
Eng/Deu: Press release and invitation from "The VOICE": Demonstration against deportation in Saalfeld | (17.11.2020)

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